Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Manage Internal Storage

Once you've known the differences between internal memory and internal storage and what's the function on each of them, now we'll learn about how to manage internal storage or ROM in order to keep the storage has some space enough to support the device works properly and not encountering error caused by the low internal storage.

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5 things to do to manage ROM
Here are some steps that you can do to manage your Samsung Galaxy SIII internal storage:
  1. Check the internal storage availability from time to time.
    Check the ROM availability regularly by going to Settings> Storage, then see if the storage space is running or if necessary do some steps as listed below to free up some space on the ROM and avoid the ROM being filled quickly.
  2. Clear the internal storage regularly.
    Make sure the internal storage has some space enough or at least over 150MB for Android 4.0 by clearing the storage at least once a week to keep the operating system work well. Delete some files is the possible way to do, such as:
    • Delete unnecessary text or multimedia message.
    • Move pictures, video or other files to your computer or other external storage.
    • Delete call logs.
  3. Set the phone to automatically clear the storage.
    • Set the text message limit to delete old message.
    • Decrease the frequency of the email sync to download only for past three days.
  4. Manage Applications.
    • If you encountering errors after installing apps, then you may have to consider to uninstall them.
    • Clear apps cache and data.
    • Uninstall unused apps.
    • Move the stable apps or apps that not use the notifications bar or apps that sync online to the SD card.
  5. Set some apps default storage to the SD card, such as set the pictures have been taken by the camera to the SD card or set to save downloaded files to the SD card.

These things mentioned above is the basic steps you may have to do to ensure the internal storage on your phone always has space enough to runs properly and avoid you encountering error when save or read saved files and apps can't work well because the low internal storage. Also, if you have your own tips to manage ROM and it's not listed here, then I'll appreciate if you willing to share them through the comment below :)


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    Can't expect anyone to take your blog seriously when you can't communicate effectively.

    Saying things like:

    "These things mentioned above is the basic steps"


    " in order to keep the storage has some space enough to support the device works properly and not encountering error caused by the low internal storage." will certainly get your blog noticed, but not in a good way.

    1. Hi Ron Bean,
      Thanks for coming.
      Yes, you're right. I'm still learning and maybe the visitors will find a lot of my weaknesses here. Therefore, I'm open to all suggestions that will make me and this blog be better. If you read the About us page, I wrote there that this blog is the place where I learned to write and share. It turns out, in this blog's journey, many visitors gets something useful from here. That's what encourages me to keep writing and sharing though my writing skill are absolutely far from perfect. So, I'm so sorry if you or anyone who get this blog doesn't in line with expectations. I will try to improve how do I communicate properly and effectively.
      Anyway, thank you for coming and sharing your thought here. I really appreciate it :)

    2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Here's my story: I noticed my T-Mobile SGH-T999 GS3 has begun running very slowly and doing odd things, losing battery life super fast and getting very hot.
      Decided to search the Play Store for a "tool" app that would help me figure out what was going on. Let me say this, I am in no way what so ever connected to this app or do I know the developers, but I found the app called DISK AND STORAGE ANALYZER by Mobile Infographics, installed it, and to my incredible surprise, I found out about the 3rd kind of storage on our smartphones. I knew about Device storage and I have a 32gig SD card, because I take lots of photos and listen to LOTS of music. I had no idea about ROM storage, or "Disk Space", I know dumb, but I'm learning. Thought I was pretty computer & phone savvy, but like I said to my surprise, the app shows your storage in three pie shapes, and the purple pie was Disk Space and it was all the was around the circle except for a small slice of white! I immediately freaked out a bit talked to my hubby, who's in the IT industry and because he knows little about the Galaxy phones, told me to look up problem online, as I was going to do anyway (THANK YOU GOOGLE) and found your site, btw, it was the 2nd one in Google search, so grammar aside, you must be doing something right! (Please ignore the idiot up top blasting you on grammar.) So I am slowly working on moving pics, video and deleting emails, changing settings and following your advice. IT IS WORKING! My purple pie shape is getting smaller and the white is getting larger.
      God Bless you for taking the time to help us in this wide world with our beloved Galaxy phones.
      You had asked for more suggestions, and that is the only reason I added the application from Google Play to my reply.

    3. Hi Pamela Michel,
      Thanks for coming and share your useful experience here. I really appreciate it.
      I've just installed the app, it has more interactive disk space visualization compared with the disk space visualization in the Storage menu(Settings>More>Storage).

  2. Hi rehan :)
    Well done and ignore ronbean! You have clearly and concisley explained to me how to fix my phone. Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Patthekat,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm so happy when I know that this blog has provided something useful for you :)

  3. How can I recover deleted pictures from sd memory card?

    1. Hi Sashaeli,
      Thanks for coming.
      When you realize that you have deleted files on your SD card then the first thing to do is stop immediately using the SD card because any write or edit may overwrite the deleted files which make it impossible for you to retrieve the deleted files.
      Well, here the steps:
      1. Plug your phone to your PC.
      2. Install a recovery app in your PC to retrieve deleted files on your SD card. There are some recovery apps available out there, but you can try these apps:
      - Recuva : you can download it here
      - MiniTool Power Data Recovery: you can download it here

  4. How can I move apps from internal to extsd if there's not am option in settings storage on a rooted SCHS968C? All rooted apps I've tried keep saying scroll down to 'move to SD' but it don't have that option


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