Samsung Galaxy S3: the Differences Between Internal Memory and Internal Storage

In the next post, Inside-Galaxy will write about how to manage internal memory and internal storage to get better performances and keep your Samsung Galaxy SIII runs smoothly and works well. Unfortunately, these two things are often make the users confused, whereas both of them definitely has the different functions. So, I think it will be better if we understand first the differences between both of them.

What the differences between internal memory and internal storage?
Below are some differences:
Internal Memory
  • Also known as RAM or Random Access Memory.
  • Use to store running apps and open files.
  • It's a short term memory so whenever you restart or turn off the phone or stop running apps or files then they are no longer in memory.
  • Low internal memory will causes close apps, slow down the device and causes errors.

Internal Storage
  • Also known as ROM or Read Only Memory.
  • Use to store app data and the operating system files.
  • It's long term memory so all saved information or data will still in there even you restart or turn or the phone or stop running apps or files.
  • Low internal storage will causes error when saving or reading saved files and in some case it will also causes the apps not works properly.

Well, there are some differences between RAM and ROM. If you have another one that not listed here, then I'll appreciate if you willing to share them through the comment below :)

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