Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Remove Password Protection when Purchasing on Google Play Store

Enable password on the Google Play Store settings is one of the way that you can do to prevent unwanted or accidentally purchases because whenever you'll made a purchase you'll be prompted to enter your Google password. This also will avoid unauthorized people purchasing through your device.

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However, for some reason you may want to purchase through Play store without having to enter your Google password. If so, you can turn off the password easily from the Play Store settings or when you're purchasing something from there.

How to disable use password for Google Play Store purchases?
You can do this on your Samsung Galaxy SIII by using one of the steps listed below:
I. From the Play Store settings
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Scroll to Play Store, then tap it.
  3. Tap the Menu key, then select Settings.
  4. Under User control section, remove the tick on the box next to the Password option to disable it.
  5. Enter your Google password associated with your device, then tap OK button to confirm removing password protection.

II. While you're purchasing something on Play Store.
You can remove the password protection by checking the box next to the option "Never ask me again" when you confirm password to purchase something from Play Store.

For the record, you should remember that removing password protection may result in unwanted purchases. So, it's strongly recommended not to remove the password if your device often used by your kids or another people that may purchase something from Play Store while they use the device. But, if you decide to do this, then it means that you assume responsibility for all charges from the purchases made using your account.


  1. Is it possible to change/remove the password without remembering it??
    (I forgot my password, but I want to remove it...)

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      Well, I'm so sorry to say that I don't know how to remove password without entering the password. But, because the password is your Google password, you can try to retrieve/change your Google password by logging in to your Gmail from PC then follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve/change the password. Once you managed to retrieve/change the password. Once you know the password, you can use it to remove the password protection on your Play Store app.

    2. I don't think it is the same password as the one for other Google services as I can't enter any letters (only 4 numbers)
      thanks for your reply though!

    3. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for getting back here.
      I'm so sorry if I was wrong.
      I tried it in the Play Store version 4.6.17 in my GT-I9500 and when I set "Require password for purchases" to "Never", it asked me to enter my Google password in order to remove the password protection.
      Again, I'm so sorry if I can't help you much.

    4. I found my password!!! thanks though!!

    5. Hi Buddy,
      I'm happy to know that your password finally can be found. Also, make sure to write down your password, just in case if you forget your password again in the future :)


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