Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Customize the Stock Music Player Settings

Listen to the music directly through your Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of fun things to do, especially if you're the one who really loved to the music. This activity also will helps you to kill the time while you're in a boring situations or while you're in an exhausting journey. The good news, this phone has come with the stock music player apps which will facilitate you to listen to your favourites music from the phone.

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As with another apps, the music player apps also has its own settings that will allow you to customize this apps according to your need and desires.

How to customize music player apps settings?
Here are the steps to do to access the music apps settings and the options available there:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. In the apps list, tap Music player.
  3. Tap the Menu key, then select Settings.
  4. Here you'll see some options available, such as:
    • SoundAlive: use this option to select a sound effect.
    • Play speed: use this option to determine the playback speed you wish to use.
    • Music menu: use this option to select music categories to display on the music library screen.
    • Lyrics: use this option to display song lyrics during playback.
    • Music auto off: use this option to auto turn off the player after a certain period of time.
  5. Tap the Back key to return to the music player.
  6. Tap the Home key to return to the standby mode.

By knowing how to access the settings and knows what the option available with the function on each of them, now you can customize the music player apps use these options to suit your need.


  1. I can only see the lyrics on those files I've downloaded from various music downloading programs and not on the music I bought on iTunes. What's not working?

    1. Hi JTH95,
      Thanks for coming.
      Well, I'm so sorry to say that I have no idea about it. I never buy a music file from iTunes, but as far as I know some music files are embedded with lyric, but some others are not.

  2. How do I update my stock music player on sgs3 to play mpeg files? Getting error cannot play this format. Its silly to think a standard music player is unable to play mp3 files.

    1. Hi Patrick Louth,
      Thanks for coming.
      Based on Samsung Galaxy s3 specifications, this phone supports video file format: H.263 / H.264 / MPEG4 / WMV / AVI / DivX / Xvid and supports music file format: MP3 / AAC / ACC+ / e-AAC+ / WMA / WAV / MIDI / OGG / FLAC
      If you want to play other file format, you can try to use another third-party video/music player or you can convert the file first to the supported file format before playing it with the stock video/music player app.

  3. I was just curious if you knew how I could stop the music player from changing the names of songs back to their original titles they had when i downloaded them on my pc?

    once I have transfered them from my pc,

    1. Hi Lachlan Kay,
      Thanks for coming.
      I've tried to duplicate your issue. I renamed a song name in my PC, transferred the song to the phone and yes the song name changed.
      After some further investigation, I found out that when we rename the song name in PC using the common method, it only changes the file name not the song title. Since the Music player app is not read the file name but it reads the song title that's why you experienced that problem.
      So, the conclusion is if you don't want the music player changes the title then you have to change the song title first in your PC instead of just renaming the file name before transferring them to your phone. You can change the song title in your PC using a software, there are various software out there that let you do so.
      FYI, I've tried changing the song title to the new one using a software named mp3tag and it didn't change when I transferred and played the song in my phone.

  4. I have a bug on my music player on the S3 when I go to the SoundAlive and scroll down to Custom and after I customise anything it closes by itself and back to the Normal opion


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