Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Call Waiting

By using Samsung Galaxy S3, you can still answering an incoming call during an ongoing call by turned on call waiting. Call waiting will allow the caller to wait for you to answer the call until your ongoing call is ended. So, now you don't have to worry about missing an important call

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Once you enable call waiting on your phone, now you can use it to answer a second call while you are on ongoing call.

How to answer call waiting?
It's easy to do. Follow the steps below to do so:
  1. When there is a new call while you're on an ongoing call, it will be signalled by a sound.
  2. Tap the accept call icon or circled green phone icon to the right to answer the new call.
  3. To swap the call, tap Swap icon.
  4. To end active call, tap End call button. Now the active call is ended and the call on hold will be automatically activated.
  5. To end a second call, tap End call button.

Well, by knowing on how to answer call waiting on your Galaxy SIII, now you can answering new call while you're on an ongoing call. So, hope it helps :)


  1. This don't work i try it every time and it hands the phone up completely

    1. Hi MzJuciee,
      Thanks for coming.
      First, make sure you were set call waiting properly on your phone. The second, you may have to contact your provider to ask whether their network support this feature or not.
      Hope this helps :)


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