Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Set Alarm

Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great smartphone that has a lot of useful features and apps that will facilitate your activities. One of the useful apps on this phone is a Calendar. By using this apps you can add or delete an event in it to remain you about your important activities or appointment.

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Another way that you can use to remain you about your important activities or appointment using this phone is by setting an alarm.

How to set up new alarm?
You can do this with ease by following the steps below:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Scroll to Clock, then tap on it.
  3. To create new alarm, tap Create alarm.
  4. Here you can set the time for your alarm by using arrow up or arrow down to the required time.
  5. To repeat your alarm, tap the required days located under the Alarm repeat. When the day is shows blue means the day is selected.
  6. Tap Alarm tone to select your alarm tone.
  7. On pop up menu you can select Sounds or Go to My files option.
    • If you select Sounds, then you will see a list of alarm tone available. Tap on each of them to listen to them. Tap to the one you like to use then tap OK button. When the dot indicator next to sound shows green means this sounds is selected.
    • If you select Go to My file, then go to the required folder. Tap on each of the tone available to listen to them. Tap to the one you like to use then tap Done button. When the dot indicator next to alarm tone shows green means this tone is selected.
  8. Switch the slider next to Snooze option to the right to turn on the snooze or slide to the left to turn off the snooze.
  9. Enter your new alarm name by tapping Name field. Type the required name for your alarm.
  10. Once you finish set all the required alarm setting then tap Save button located on upper right corner.

Well, by knowing on how to set an alarm, now you have not to worry missed an important activities or appointment. So, try this useful tips then share your experience here through the comment below :)


  1. For some reason, the 'alarm types' is no longer showing when I choose 'create alarm'...all I get to choose from is: Repeat weekly, Alarm tone, and Snooze...what happened to Alarm Type?

    1. Hi Cactusgirl,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you mean about the option to change the alarm as briefing or else? This option usually reside below the alarm repeat option. However, did you made any changes or update on your phone before you realized that the alarm type option is no longer available?

  2. my alarm goes off every half hour cant
    shut it off

    1. Hi Brian Dillan,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you create an alarm on your phone? If so, try delete them then see what will happen. Or, do you remember what you did before you encountered this problem?

  3. I can no longer access "more" on my alarm when creating a new Alarm... All I see is Alarm Tone & Snooze. I cannot scroll down to change anything else like name, volume, etc. I can still access it on my older alarm (which is name work), but it won't scroll down on any new ones. Help! How can I gain these functions back?

    1. Hi Katherine Carpenter,
      Thanks for coming.
      Did you made any change before encountering this problem? For instance, change any settings/update the phone/install certain apps.

  4. My old alarm has all the options. Including ring ' type', ' name ', etc. Now making new alarms I don't have these options.

    1. I'm having the same problem. Did you find out why this is happening or how to change it back

    2. Hi Sara Scherer and Tammy,
      Thanks for coming.
      First, try to clear the clock app cache and data by using the following steps:
      1. In the apps menu, tap and hold Clock app and then drag it to the App info icon located at the top of the screen.
      2. In the app info screen, tap "Clear cache" button and then tap "Clear data" button.
      3. Once done, try opening Clock app and then see whether it helps.

      Second, if the first solution did not work, try to reset app preferences by using the following steps:
      1. Go to Settings.
      2. Tap "More" tab.
      3. Tap "Application manager".
      4. In the Downloaded tab, tap the Menu key and then select "Reset app preferences".
      5. Tap "Reset apps" button.
      6. Once done, restart the phone and then try using Clock app and then see whether it helps :)

  5. The clock app is gone after I update the phone to the new firmware. 4.3 jellybean

    1. Hi Siyanda Dzingwe,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to check in the application manager whether the clock app has been accidentally disabled. You can do so by going to Settings> tap "More" tab> tap "Application manager"> swipe the screen to the right until you see "Turned off" or "Disabled" tab and then see if the Clock app is listed there, if so tap the row and then tap "Enabled" or "Turned on" button to bring the Clock app back to the Apps menu.


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