Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Delete Multimedia Messages

As we have learned before, when you've read MMS you have a number of options available, one of them is you can forward the message to the contact you want.

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In addition to forward the message, another option available is delete the message. This of course will help you to free up your phone's space and remove unwanted messages.

How to delete MMS?
Here's the steps you need to do to delete MMS:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Tap Messaging.
  3. Tap the required sender.
  4. Tap and hold the required MMS you wish to delete until a pop up menu is displayed on your screen.
  5. On pop up menu select Delete message.
  6. Tap OK button to confirm delete message.
  7. Finish. Now the selected message will be deleted.

Well, by knowing on how to delete multimedia messages on your Galaxy SIII, now you can remove any unwanted message to free up the space. So, hope it helps :)


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