Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable or Disable Emergency Alert Settings

Messaging app is one of the stock apps available inside the Samsung Galaxy SIII which will allow you to send or receive text or multimedia messages. This app has come with some option to facilitate you while using this app, such as an option to allow you change the message tone as you wish to inform you an incoming messages.

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There's also an option available that you can customize called emergency call alert. You can either enable or disable one or more of them according to your need.

How to turn on or off emergency alert settings?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Messaging app.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings.
  3. Tap Emergency alert under Emergency message settings section.
  4. Here you'll see some emergency alert option available, they are:
    • Presidential alert: this option allow the phone to receive presidential alert.
    • Extreme alert: enable this option to allow the phone receive extreme alert.
    • Severe alert: enable this option to allow the phone receive severe alert.
    • Amber alert: enable this option to allow the phone receive child abduction emergency alert.
    • Emergency alert test message: enable this option to allow the phone receive test alert.
  5. Enable or disable option by tapping the option. When the box next to the option is checked means the option is enabled. For the record, the presidential alert is enable by default and can't be disabled.
  6. Done, the wireless emergency alert has been updated.

By knowing this steps, now you can choose which type of emergency alert you wish the phone to receive. So, hope this helps :)


  1. No emergency alerts section in messaging settings on my gs3. Used to have one somewhere, don't remember if it was in messaging settings. Should have gotten a weather alert this morning, but was updating android to kitkat at the time. Can't find emergency notification settings anywhere now. Could having the network attempting to send me an emergency notification while I'm updating screwed something up?

    1. Hi DrivinMike,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm so sorry to say that I can't confirm about it because I have already switched my phone to S4 and S5. Since both of them are running with Kitkat, then I try to find the option in the Messaging app settings but can find nothing.
      However, I notice that Accuweather widget has the option to give you a notification when there's a chance of rain, snow or hail. So, if you don't have emergency alert in your Messaging app settings and it's important for you to get a weather notification, then you can try to enable the notifications option in the Accuweather widget settings.

  2. I think after the kitkat update on galaxy s3, we are no longer able to disable the emergency alerts.

    1. Hi Joe T,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here.
      Yes, you may be right. I've searched this option both in my S4 and S5 which are running with Kitkat, but I can't find this option anywhere.

  3. Same boat here - On my S4 I used to have emergency alerts come through and was able to turn on/off specific alerts through messaging settings. Recently (maybe after kitkat update) I do not get any alerts and do not have any settings feature anymore. I'm fine if the upgrade turned off the ability to disable alerts, but I am not getting them, so something is still fishy.

    1. Hi Amy N,
      Thanks for coming.
      Since some users have confirmed that this menu was no longer available in their phones, then you may right, this menu might have been removed in Android Jelly Bean/Kitkat.
      Anyway, some carriers (e.g: AT&T) has their own services that will automatically send Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) to their users with WEA-capable devices free of charge.
      Given to that fact, if you want to get the alerts while the emergency alerts option is no longer available in your phone, then you can try to call your provider and ask them whether they have their own services to send you those alerts.

  4. Hey everyone - just talked to Verizon and they moved the emergency alert setting to its own app. So if you scroll through your apps, you will see an orange/yellow triangle with an exclamation point through it, that's where your setting are to turn on or off...if you're not getting the alerts now (as I was not) you can turn on "reminder" and start getting your alerts again.

    1. Hi Rae McGaughey,
      Thanks for coming and share your useful information here. May God always bless you :)
      I believe that it will help other S3 Verizon users who want to get or to get rid emergency alerts in their phones.

    2. Hey Rehan:

      Thanks! My S3 is now happier and quieter.

    3. Hi Pure Dog,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm happy to know that you can find something useful for your phone here :)

    4. Thank you! I could not find it for the life of me!

    5. Hello,
      This thread is a little older, but the note from Rae McGaughey above certainly helped. Definitely appreciated. May God's riches blessings be yours.


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