Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Reader Mode in Browser Apps

Internet Browser apps is one of the pre-installed application that you can find inside the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You can use this apps to meet your Internet needs, such as to browse the webs or read online magazine, etc.

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While you use this apps to view web page and read its content, usually you'll see another web's components, such as widgets, header, frame, advertisement, etc. Luckily, when your Samsung Galaxy SIII have upgraded to the Android Jelly Bean then you'll see the new feature in the Browser apps called reader mode. This feature will make the Browser only to show the main content allows you to read the content more comfort.

How to enable or disable reader mode?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open the Stock Internet Browser apps.
  2. Navigate to the desired web page you wish to read its contents.
  3. Once the web page is fully loaded, tap the R icon next to the URL in the address bar to use reader mode.
  4. Now the browser will only show the main contents. This would be like you're reading a book.
  5. You can adjust the web's font by tapping the T icon at the top area of the browser apps.
  6. To disable reader mode, simply tap the Back key and the Browser will display the web with all its components.

Enabling this mode of course will help you when you want to read magazine or article on certain web page without being distracted by other components owned by the web page you're currently viewing. So, hope this helps :)


  1. As a web developer, how can we disable Reader on a page? I have found that the presence of it being enabled breaks functionality on a set of script heavy pages, and Reader is not appropriate for the pages anyway.

    1. Hi Todd,
      Thanks for coming.
      Also I'm so sorry I have no idea about this. Theoretically, you can disable reader mode while the web is loaded by changing or altering the code inside the app. Unfortunately, I'm not a soft-modder so I can't help you more. Hope anybody here who know the answer and willing to share it with you here.


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