Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Use Wishlist Feature on Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the official market for Android phone, including with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You'll find it as one of the stock apps inside the phone. You need to activate Google account in order to access the Play Store, either a single or multiple Google account.

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The Google Play Store has the bookmark-like feature called wishlist which will allow you to flag certain apps for more easier further uses. For instance, you can add certain app into your wishlist to keep track the apps price, availability or else.

How to add or remove apps from wishlist?
Basically you can add or remove all of contents inside the Google Play Store into your wishlist, but we'll use the apps as the example of this step. Well, here's how to do:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Scroll to Play Store, then tap it.
  3. Browse the apps in the Play Store. Once you've find the ones you like, you can add it to your wishlist by tapping the Wishlist icon at the top area of the screen. The icon looks like a bookmark icon with a tiny plus in the middle of it. The icon will turn solid if the item is flagged as wishlist. Tapping the Wishlist icon again will remove the app from your wishlist.
  4. To see, review or install the apps you have added to your wishlist, simply tap the Menu key then select My Wishlist.

Like bookmarking, this feature will make you more easier to find and track the apps you already added. Unfortunately, there's still no share or email option inside the wishlist to allow you to share your wishlist with others.

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