Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Search Message on Messaging App

Samsung Galaxy SIII allows you to compose and send a text or multimedia message by utilizing Messaging app. The incoming and sent messages will be displayed as a conversation. However, the easiness and the needs to communicate with others using the messages sometimes end up the Messaging app filled quickly with lot of messages. Fortunately, there is an option that will allow you to set limitation on how many messages will be saved.

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When you have lot of messages, the search function will help you lot to find the desired message more easier and faster without you need to looking up them manually one by one. All you need to do is entering the search term to display all the messages contains with them.

How to search message?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Messaging app.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select Search.
  3. Enter your word or phrase you wish to search.
  4. Tap Search key on the virtual keyboard to start searching.
  5. All the message contains with the word or phrase you have entered before will be displayed.

By knowing how to utilizing and perform searching on the Messaging app, now you can easily find the message you're looking for. So, hope this helps :)


  1. How do I search for a old SMS message in the inbox or Sent box from/to a particular person?

    1. Hi Vikas Gupta,
      Thanks for coming.
      Once you tap the Search option in the Messaging app, you'll see the the option box in the left side of the search field. Tap that box to display the drop down menu and then select "Sender". Now, type the desired contact (name/number) you wish to search his messages and then tap search button.
      Hope this helps :)


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