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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Network Profile

Nowadays, there are lot of activities that you can do through the phone that use internet connection to works, from open your Facebook account, send email messages, download and install apps from the Play Store, etc. One way that you can do to obtain internet connection to your Samsung Galaxy SIII is by connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

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The steps to do so is quite simple and easy. Even so, some of visitors of Inside-Galaxy said that they have encountered problem associated with the Wi-Fi network connectivity, such as unable to connect to the saved Wi-Fi network profile because the password has been changed. Well, if you also encountering the same problem, then you can try to delete the required Wi-Fi network profile saved in your phone, then try to re-connect again.

How to forget Wi-Fi network profile?
Below are the complete steps to remove Wi-Fi network:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. If required, turn the Wi-Fi on. When the slider is in the right side and shows green means the Wi-Fi is turned on.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi to see the options available.
  4. Tap and hold the required Wi-Fi network profile you want to remove.
  5. Tap Forget network button.
  6. The selected Wi-Fi network profile has been deleted.

Once you've deleted the saved Wi-Fi network profile, now you can try again to connect or scan available network in order to obtain internet connections. You can also do this steps if you no longer want the certain Wi-Fi network profile listed on the list. So, hope this helps :)


  1. that option does not exisit...only option is to connect!

    1. Hi Thomas Fulmer,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to long tap the network profile instead a single tap. If you tap the network profile with a single tap, then the option you'll get is to connect the network, while if you long tap the network profile you'll get the option to forget the network.
      Hope this helps :)

  2. Is there any way to forget them all at once? As a traveler I have many that I no longer need and it would take me awhile to do them one by one

    1. Hi Jeff Sanders,
      Thanks for coming.
      By default, you're only allowed to forget Wi-Fi network profile one by one. But, I've just found an app called Wi-Fi Eraser that has feature to delete all Wi-Fi network profile with just one click. Here's the link:
      Please note that WiFi-related app sometimes causes problem, so if your phone experience errors after installing this app then simply uninstall the app to fix the problem.

  3. Hello,
    How can I restore forgotten Wi-Fi network profile? I accidently deleted it

    1. Hi Tatev Papanyan,
      Thanks for coming.
      If the network is open then you just need to re-scan the network and then connect to the required network.
      If the network is secured then you have to ask the password from your network provider. Once you get the password, you can then re-scan and connect to the network.
      If your phone is rooted, seems there are some apps in the Play Store that can be used to retrieve the Wi-Fi network profile that have been ever connected before.

  4. I don't have the option to forget when holdin down on screen. Only connect! That's it. Help.please and ty

    1. Hi Jay Eligio,
      Thanks for coming.
      The forget network option only available in these conditions:
      1. If you have connected to the Wi-Fi network.
      2. If the Wi-Fi network is secured and you have entered a wrong password when trying to connect.
      3. If the network is not in range.

  5. My galaxy S3 wont forget a connection. I have tried the long press on it and I get nothing. it only works on my other connections and not the one I want to delete. It just keeps saying sign-in required, it wont even let me put in a password. This is my work connection and I need it, The connection functions fine on other devices, its only this one with the problem.

    Any ideas?????

    1. Hi Rod J,
      Thanks for coming.
      Have you tried to forget that network when it's not in range?
      However, if you don't mind, please send me a screenshot when you long pressing that Wi-Fi network. You can send the screenshot to:

    2. Hello!
      I have the same problem. I stay in a place where there is a password for faster internet and one for slower. At the beginning I got the ne for the slower one (which is actually dis- and reconnecting every second!), so I want to delete it and to connect with the other passwort (but to the same network). As Rod puts it, my ohone (Galaxy S4 mini) won't forget it and if I try to reconnect, it doesn't even ask me again to put the password, but it connects automatically to the slower internet. I try now since few hours to fix that. :-/ Please help.

  6. I can only get the forget option if I am logged on to that network. Then forget just disconnects it, but does not delete it.

    1. Hi Leesa Chittle,
      Thanks for coming.
      Performing forget network will delete the network from the list if it's not in range.
      However, when the network is available and secured with a password, performing forget network will just remove the password. Thus, this action can be taken if you have problem when connecting to a secured network.

  7. Tab E shows a WiFi connection as open when it's not so it won't stay connected. There is no option to delete/forget the network regardless how I tap the network and I've tried all above suggestions. Can anyone help?

  8. I removed my home wifi network from my Samsung galaxy s3mini on accident. I scanned and it didn't come up, I forgot it and it rescanned and still didn't show up. I know the password, it's secured but,How am I supposed to enter password if the network won't show up at all? Is it really this difficult to retrieve it? I don't want to root my phone, I tried a wifi finder app and no luck. Sorry I'm just.frustrated. please help. Thank you. :-(


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