Samsung Galaxy S3 : How to Fix the "None" Button Grayed Out When Turn Off the Screen Lock

Some visitors of the inside-galaxy who visit the article about turning the screen lock off have left their comments there. Some of them said that they could not turn off the screen lock because the "None" button is disabled or grayed out.

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If you're also experiencing the same problem, the None button grayed out, then in this article I will summarize some steps that you can take to resolve this issue. But whatever the case, it would be much more easier if you first do your own investigate and know roughly what the causes, so you will be easier to find the solution, because there is no one who know the device better than you. Well, here they are:
  1. Clear credential in your phone by going to Settings> Security> Clear credentials. If it not works, then go to the next steps .
  2. Check whether you have installed an application that requires you to activate the screen lock on your phone, for example FoxFi app. If so, remove the application if you're no longer use them. If you still want to keep the application, then you might want to use the pattern methods for simplicity.
  3. Check whether there are settings in the phone that requires you to activate the screen lock. The one that I know is when you turn on the option to encrypt the SD card then the None button will be disabled and you're only allowed to use a pattern, PIN or password to unlock the screen. If this is the causes, disable the option to re-enable the None button. If not, you might want to use the pattern methods for simplicity.
  4. Check whether you have a VPN on your phone. If so , then you need to remove the VPN to re-enable the None button. But if you really need a VPN, then you might want to use the pattern methods for simplicity.

These points mentioned above are some general things that you can do to resolve this problem. This may be works on some users, and may be not for others. However, if you have another tip or trick to resolve this issue and it's not listed here, then you can share them through the comments below.

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