Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Stops Ads Appears in Notification Bar

Generally, lot of Android users said that they feel annoyed with the ads from certain apps appears on their devices, even when they're not using the apps. Luckily, if you already upgrading your Samsung Galaxy SIII to the Android Jelly Bean, then you can easily set the apps not to send you a notification or ads.

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But, if your phone is still with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich which is not have the option to disable the notification on the apps and you encountering the problem of always receiving ads in the notification bar, then there are some steps that you can do to fix the problem.

How to stop ads in notification bar?
Usually you'll see some ads with a green plus or star, can't be removed until you tap it which will bring you to certain web page. For some user, this is so annoying and of course it'll eat the data. Well, here are some steps that you can do to get rid the ads and free up your notification bar from them:
  1. Review of any installed apps in your device to know which one may have push ads. If you noticed that you start receive an ads after install certain apps, then this may the culprit. You can also read on the customer review of the apps you have installed to know the apps history, from there you may get some information to know whether the apps contains these ads or not.
  2. If the step #1 can't tell you what the apps causing the problem, then you can try to install another third-party apps to help you determine which the apps may have push ads included in it, such as Addons Detector apps.
  3. Once you've know the apps sending you the ads, then you may have to consider to uninstall the apps.
  4. For further prevention, don't reinstall the apps that you already know it has the ads included in it. Also you can leave a review to help other users knowing that the apps has the ads included in it.

Well, these are four steps that you can do to stop ads appears in notification bar. But, if you have your own tips or tricks to stop the ads and it's not listed here, then I'll really appreciate if you willing to share them with us through the comment below :)

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