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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Share Media Files with Nearby Devices

There are some option in Samsung Galaxy SIII to share files over Wi-Fi, such as Group Cast which will allow you to share document or file with another AllShare Play capable device that connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Another option available in this phone which also utilizing Wi-Fi network is the nearby devices. This option will allow you to share media files with another DLNA --Digital Living Network Alliance-- capable device which are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to share video, photos or music with nearby devices?
To do so, kindly follow the steps as listed below:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap More settings.
  3. Tap Nearby devices.
  4. Tick the box next to File sharing option to turn on or off the option.
  5. If this is the first time you use this option, then you'll see some information about this option, tap OK to continue. Tap Do not show again to stop the message from appearing again.
  6. Tap Shared contents to determine which the media files you would like to share: Video, Photos or Music. Tap the box next to the desired option, then tap OK button.
  7. You'll receive a request from nearby devices to access your phone, tap OK to accept and add the device to the Allowed device list, or tap Cancel to reject and add the device to the Not-allowed devices list.
  8. Tap Device name to change your phone's names, then tap Save. The name will be used by the others to identify your phone.

Once you activate the file sharing, another allowed DLNA capable devices in the same Wi-Fi network will be able to access data on your phone. So, hope this helps :)


  1. How can I UNDO this process? I already added the device to my not allowed, but the option still shows up on my phone.

    1. Hi Cheyenne,
      Thanks for coming.
      CMIIW, the Not-allowed devices list will only not allow another enabled-DLNA devices to access your media files. If you don't want their files show up on your phone, then there are two possible ways: 1) Your devices should be on the not allowed devices list in their devices 2) Don't connect with the same Wi-Fi network with them.
      Hope this helps :)

  2. How can we send request in nearby devices

    1. Hi Shubham DX,
      Thanks for coming.
      If another enabled-DLNA devices is connected with you in the same Wi-Fi network, then it will automatically allow them to access media files on your phone or vice versa unless you put them into the Not-allowed devices list. When you're sure that you're connected in the same Wi-Fi network but can't access their media files (and you're allowed) then --for example, if you access share media from gallery app-- tap the Menu key then select Scan for nearby devices to refresh.
      Hope this helps :)

  3. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I am not receiving any notifications when I get messages no ring tone, nor is the light flashing, I have to go straight to the message box to see if I received any messages. Help please.

    1. Hi Michelle Swaby,
      Thanks for coming.
      Seems you need to check some settings on your phone:
      1. Go to Settings> tap More tab> tap Application manager> swipe to All screen> find Messaging app, then tap it> make sure "Show notifications" option is checked.
      2. Go to Settings> tap My device tab> tap Sound> tap Volume> increase the volume for the "Ringtone" and "Notification" by sliding the bar to the right and then tap OK button.
      3. Open Messaging app> tap the Menu key then select Settings> make sure the "Notifications" option is checked.
      4. To turn on flash light notifications, go to Settings> tap My device tab> tap Accessibility> check the box next to "Flash notification" option to enable it.

      Try them first, then let me know what happen afterwards. However, next time when you want to submit your comment, make sure you drop them in the relevant post (eg. ask about ringtone then you can drop your comment in the post about ringtone/sound). Other way, if you can't find the relevant post with your issue, then you can reach me through the Contact us page, I'll be more than happy to answer the question :)

  4. I have the two devices connected with sharing permissions activated. How do I see the data on the other device so I can copy is to the local device?

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      So, do you want to know how to differentiate your local files with the shared files? If so, while you're in Gallery app, view this app by albums, you'll see shared files will be grouped in a single albums and named with other devices name that shared their files with you. As the example: if another device name is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7 then the shared files will be grouped in an folder named [Tablet]GT-P3100(numbers of files) in the Gallery app in your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  5. My Note10.1 is not recognizing my Note 3... any ideas how to make this work? Thanks

    1. Hi Blair Edmiston,
      Thanks for coming and I'm so sorry for the late answer.
      Try checking the following actions to make the nearby devices feature works:
      1. Make sure both the devices have been connected in the same Wi-Fi networks.
      2. Make sure the nearby devices feature in both the devices have been enabled.
      3. Make sure your Note 3 has been allowed to access the shared contents in your Note 10 and vice versa.
      2. Try opening Gallery app in your Note 10 and then tap the Menu key to select "Scan for nearby devices". If your Note 3 has been found, all of the photos in the Note 3 will be displayed in a single album in the Gallery app in your Note 10.

  6. hi, i am having a big problem... i am trying to use my S4 as a media server to my ps3, i already know this is possible because i have seen in youtube and i do this with my wyfe's gran duos... but the problem is... i follow all steps but my S4 doesnt detect any nearby devices... my aloowed devices is empy and i have try milions os different things and cant make it get functional... what is wrong? please help... sorry about my english... i am from Brazil and my english is from video games... :) Ps.: my wife's galaxy gran duos can detect my ps3 and already share his videos and photos, also detect my notebook, my ps3 also detect my notebook.... but only my S4 does not detect anything.

    1. Hi Paulo,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try the following steps to make sure the nearby device feature in your S4 can work well:
      1. Try restarting the phone.
      2. Try forgetting the Wi-Fi network profile you use with other devices to share the media files. Once done, try re-scanning and then connecting to the network.
      3. Enable the Nearby devices feature in the settings menu.
      4. Now, Open Gallery app. By default, you'll be asked to allow another nearby-devices-enabled devices, tap OK button to add the device into the Allowed devices list. If not, you can scan for other nearby devices manually by tapping the Menu key and then select "Scan for nearby devices". The photos from other devices will be shown in your Gallery app.

  7. Hi there, is there a way to save shared file between s3 and ps3 once already shared?

    I have all my files up on my ps3 but I only have internet for one night, I was hoping to copy the files so they stay on my ps3.

    Thanks in advance x

    1. Hi Catherine Jackson,
      Thanks for coming.
      Since I don't have a PS3 then this step may not work for you.
      Well, I've tried to share pictures in my Galaxy S4 with Galaxy S5 using nearby devices feature. When I selected a picture from Galaxy S5 in my Galaxy S4, it gave me an option to download the picture. So, try selecting shared files from your S3 in your PS3 and then see whether there will be an option to save or download that files.

  8. I have accidentally deleted an allowed device and it doesn't show up in the not allowed device area. how do I get it back?

    1. Hi Andrew Bradley,
      Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for so late answer.
      You can get that device back to your allowed devices list by using the following actions:
      1. Try to disable and then re-enable the nearby devices feature in the device that you have accidentally deleted from the allowed list. This will make you get a notification from that device to allow that device to access your phone as well as to add that device to your allowed list.
      2. If #1 didn't help, try to open the stock Gallery app in the device that you have accidentally deleted from the allowed list and then try to re-scan for nearby devices. This will make you get a notification from that device to allow that device to access your phone as well as to add that device to your allowed list.

  9. How do I share music on the Samsung galaxy s 3?

    1. Hi Benjamin Welborn,
      Thanks for coming.
      To share music on your Galaxy S3 with other nearby devices, do the following steps:
      1. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
      2. Enable Nearby devices feature in both devices.
      3. Now, other nearby devices can access and play your music files from the Music player app.

  10. - Is There Any Way At All To Sync The Music On To The Phone Through Nearby Device ?


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