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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Set LED Indicator

One of part of the Samsung Galaxy SIII that you can customize is its display. You can do that by utilizing some options available under display settings, such as change the wallpaper you wish to use on your phone or adjusting the brightness of the screen.

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While you're on the display setting page, you will also see another option to customize called LED indicator. This option will allow you to determine in which conditions you wish the LED on the top left corner of your phone will light.

How to customize LED indicator?
To do so kindly follow the steps listed below:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Device section, tap Display.
  3. Under General section, tap LED indicator.
  4. Now you will see four options available. They are:
    • Charging: enable this option if you wish the LED to light when your phone is connected to charger.
    • Low battery: enable this option if you wish the LED to light when battery level is low.
    • Notifications: enable this option if you wish the LED to light when you have missed calls, messages or application events.
    • Voice recording: enable this option if you wish the LED to light when you're recording voice.
  5. Tap the required options you wish to use. When the checkbox next to the option is ticked means the option is enabled.
  6. Tap Home button to return to the standby mode.

For the record, the LED will only light up when the screen is off. So, by knowing how to enable or disable the option available under LED indicator option, now you can set the LED to light up on the conditions you wants.


  1. Red/Blue led indicator light
    Since the latest ATT upgrade I have had a blinking red/blue led indicaror light. Why?

    1. Hi Rick Avery,
      Thanks for coming.
      Please correct me if I'm wrong, in AT&T version the led will blink if the screen is off.
      - red led blinks when the battery power is low.
      - blue led blinks when you have missed calls, messages, app notifications or when you record voice.
      Hope this helps :)

  2. I purchased two straight talk galaxy s3 and the one has a much brighter message notification indicator. Is there a brightness setting we could adjust? Please advise.

    1. Hi John Mcquay,
      Thanks for coming.
      By default, there's no option to adjust LED brightness. But, I believe that there's should be an app in the Google Play Store that has a feature to let you do so.
      However, if you run with Android 4.3, you can try to enable Flash notifications which will make the camera light blinks when you receive a notification (including with message notifications). Find this option by going to Settings> tap "My device" tab> scroll down to find "Accessibility"> scroll down to find "Flash notification" then enable it by ticking the checkbox next to this option.
      Hope it helps :)

  3. Hi. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 over the weekend. Is there a way to have the indicator light up for texts and missed calls but NOT for email? I get so much junk throughout the day and don't like seeing the indicator light for spam. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Wendy L,
      Thanks for coming.
      FYI, in the LED indicator menu, you're only allowed to enable/disable LED light for all notifications(SMS, email, etc).
      Luckily, there's an app called Light Manager- LED Settings in the Play Store which will let you to set LED light for SMS, email, Gmail, etc separately as well as enable or disable LED light for each option.

  4. Is there a way to put an LED indicator for texts in your spam folder? I have the S5

    1. Hi Selena Jackson,
      Thanks for coming.
      If you talk about the stock Messaging app, there's no way to put a LED indicator when you receive a blocked message since this feature will automatically turn off message notifications so that you won't be disturbed/annoyed with those blocked messages. If it's really needed, the way to know if you have received blocked message is by checking the spam messages folder periodically.

      I don't know if there's a third-party app that will let you to block text messages but in the other side lets you to put a LED indicator for it (FYI, I've searched for the app with that ability in the Play Store, but I found nothing).

  5. Why don't the galaxy avant have an led notification light

    1. Hi Alex Malo,
      Thanks for coming.
      CMIIW, some options or features in some models may have been disabled or unavailable. When you don't have LED indicator option, the LED notification status will probably depend on the notification status in the related app, for instance when you have enabled notification in the Messaging app settings, then when you have a new text message you'll be notified with the message tone, message notification as well as LED notification when the screen is off.

      As an alternative solution, you can install third-party LED control apps (e.g: light flow app) so that you can control LED notifications in your phone.

  6. All notification lights don't work. All boxes chcked

    1. Hi BrokenHearted1,
      Thanks for coming.
      First, if you enable blocking mode in your phone, make sure the option to turn off LED indicator is not checked. If it didn't work, try turning off all LED indicator options (charging, low battery, notifications and voice recording) and then turn them back on. If needed, you can try restarting your phone and then see whether it helps :)

  7. Done...and wiped the cache too...nothin works

    1. Hi BrokenHearted1,
      Thanks for coming back here.
      Do you remember what have you done before encountering this issue? It'll help to easily find the culprit of your problem.
      However, try investigating whether you have installed a third-party app related with light notifications/LED indicator. If any, see whether the app has the option to enable or disable light notifications/LED indicator.

  8. Hai , recently i buy samsung s3 and i have observd a red light constantly on in right side sensor (beside front cam). It is very dim and we can observe it in a dark room. What it is indicates.

    1. Hi Srinivas G,
      Thanks for coming.
      It's the Light and Proximity Sensors which is used by the device for the following actions:
      - Detect the presence of nearby objects to control device functions or blank the screen display so that when the light path is blocked, such as when you hold the phone to your ear during a phone call, the screen will be off.
      - Detect ambient light to determine screen brightness when the brightness is set to automatic and when taking pictures with the front facing camera.

  9. Hello sir
    How are you??
    I hope you are in good health and enjoying smoothly business
    Sir i recently buy new samsung galaxy s3neo my problem is my phn led indicators light the light is not blink when the msg and miss bell coming please tell me what a problem because our led indicator setting is also okk i am very worried
    I will waiting for your positive response as well as soon

    Nisar ahmad

    1. Hi Nisar Ahmad,
      Thanks for coming.
      First, may I know your phone's model number and Android version?
      FYI, in Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, there's a new feature called "Do not disturb" or "Interruptions". When this feature is enabled and calls/messages are not set as priority or exception, then the LED indicator won't light up even when the LED indicator setting for notifications has been enabled.

  10. Samsung galaxy s3neo -- I noticed a little red light flashing next to my camera everytime i open a message thread. Its not the LED light on the left side. Hope you help me fix my phone. Thanks! :)


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