Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Plan Route to Destination in Google Maps

Google Maps application is one of the apps that has navigation function that you can find inside Samsung Galaxy SIII. You can utilize this apps to find certain location once you've enabled the location services on your phone.

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In addition to find certain location, you can also utilizing this apps to plan route to certain location. By doing this, you'll get the information about how far the distance, the time needed and the suggested route to get to your destination.

How to plan route in Google maps?
To do so kindly follow the steps listed below:
  1. Go to Apps through Home screen.
  2. Tap Maps.
  3. Find your destination by using the Search icon.
  4. Once you've find your destination, tap the information field above your destination then tap the Direction icon.
  5. Tap the mode of transportation icon that you use, if you use the car then tap the car icon.
  6. Tap GET DIRECTIONS button.
  7. Now you'll see in the map your current location and your destination will be connected with the blue line as the suggested route. Above the maps, you can see the information about the name, the distance and the suggested route of your destination.
  8. Drag two fingers together to zoom in and drag them apart to zoom out.
  9. To clear the maps, tap the Menu key then select Clear Map.
  10. Tap Home button to exit the maps and return to the standby mode.

By knowing how to plan route to certain location using Google maps, now you can estimate how long and how far you should take, also to know which way is advisable to get to the destination faster and easier.

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