Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Customize Power Saving Settings

To prevent your Samsung Galaxy SIII encountering poor battery life issue or quickly drained, then enabling power saving mode is one way to save a battery a little better.

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Once you've enabled this option, then your phone will do some adjustments in order to consume less battery, such as by decreasing the brightness of the display, limit some system resource usage, decrease the brightness of the background colour when using Email and Internet and disable haptic feedback. You can customize all of them through the options available under power saving menu.

How to customize power saving options?
Below are the steps to find options under power saving that you can customize according to your needs to save more battery:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Make sure you've enabled Power saving menu to make you be able accessing the power saving options.
  3. Tap Power saving.
  4. Now you'll see five options available, they are:
    • CPU power saving: Enable this option to limit the maximum CPU performance.
    • Screen power saving: Enable this option to make your phone using low power level for the screen.
    • Background colour: Enable this option to change the background color when using Email and Internet to save the power as much as possible.
    • Turn off haptic feedback: Enable this option to prevent the phone vibrating when the Menu key, Back key is touched and when you press and hold the Power key or the Home key in order to conserve more battery consumption.
    • Learn about power saving: Tap this option to view information for saving battery power.
  5. Enable the option that you wants. When the checkbox next the option is ticked means the option is turned on.
  6. Tap Home button to return to the standby mode.

All the options that you have seen under power settings menu is designed to help your phone to consume less power which means enabling the option will be able to prolong your battery life and avoid it to face poor battery life issue in the near future. But, this will also prevent the phone to deliver a best performance due to the phone using the power under the standard level.

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