Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Remove Facebook Photos on Gallery App

By default, the Gallery app will show you all the photo and video files that you save on your device, either in the phone memory or the SD card. In addition, you can also display pictures from another source outside the phone, for example you can display your Facebook gallery pictures, simply by syncing your phone with your Facebook gallery. For some users this will help them because they can see their Facebook photos directly through the Gallery app.

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Even so, for other users, Facebook albums and photos that appear in the Gallery app are very annoying them, especially for those who accidentally sync the phone with their Facebook gallery. Unfortunately, some of them said that they have difficulties when trying to delete Facebook photos from Gallery app, not as easy as when they show them up on Gallery app.

How to remove Facebook pictures gallery ?
If you're also experiencing this issue and have not found the solution, then here I'll show you two methods that you can do to fix this problem. Well, here they are:
I. Filtering content on Gallery app
The first methods that you can do is by setting the content you like to show in the Gallery app. Here's the step:
  1. Open Gallery app.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select View by option.
  3. On the pop up menu select Content in device option. when the radio button next to the option shows green means the option is selected.
  4. Now, the Gallery app will only show the pictures and videos you have saved in your device.

II. Clear the app data and remove Facebook account
The second method is by clearing the Facebook and Gallery app data followed by removing Facebook account then sign in back into your Facebook account. Here the complete steps to do so:
  1. Clear Facebook and Gallery App Data.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Tap Application manager.
    • Swipe to the All screen.
    • Find a Facebook app, then tap it.
    • Tap Clear Data button followed by clicking the OK button to confirm clearing the data.
    • Tap Back button.
    • Find Gallery app, then tap it.
    • Tap Clear Data button followed by clicking the OK button to confirm clearing the data.
  2. Remove Facebook account from sync settings.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Tap Accounts and sync.
    • Tap your Facebook account.
    • Tap the Remove account button followed by clicking the Remove account button to confirm deleting your Facebook account.
  3. Sign in back into Facebook
    • Open Facebook app.
    • Sign in back to your Facebook by entering your user name and password.
    • Once you're in the sync settings screen, make sure not to check any syncing of pictures option.
  4. Now, Open Gallery app from the app drawer.
  5. The Facebook gallery should no longer appear on the Gallery app.

You can use one of two methods mentioned above to remove Facebook photos from Gallery app. For the record, the first method only serves to filter the content that is displayed on your Gallery with Facebook gallery keep in sync with your phone, while the second method will completely deleting Facebook photo from the Gallery app and will not sync the Facebook gallery with your phone. So, hope this helps :)


  1. But if i clear data won't all of the files on my gallery be deleted? Including those which aren't my fb albums?

    1. Hi Steffi Orozco,
      Thanks for coming.
      No, it won't. I've tried several times cleared data my Gallery app and I didn't lose any photo. But, if you're worried, you can backup all your photos and videos first to your PC before performing clear data.

    2. Okay. Thank you for your help! :)

  2. I'm a grandma here - not an expert on any of this. I'm wondering if I can transfer my "synced from my phone" photos on Facebook to my "pictures" ? If so, how?

    1. Hi Grandma,
      Thanks for coming.
      Please correct me if I'm wrong. So, can I conclude that you want to publish(make that private photos as public photos) your synched pictures from your phone to your Facebook so that all your Facebook contacts can see them?
      If my conclusion was right, here the steps to do so:
      1. Login to your Facebook account from your PC. Please note that you can only set private photos as public from Facebook website.
      2. Click "Photos" in the left menu.
      3. Click "Synched from phone" album.
      4. Click the grey checkmark icon in the desired synched photos you want to share to public. The checkmark icon turns green when the photo is selected.
      5. Click "Share Photos" button at the top left corner of the Facebook website and then follow the on-screen instructions.


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