Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Quickly Accessing Your Favourite Website

Nowadays we can easily get the information we want through the Internet. That's why no wonder if the easiness to do that makes Internet users growth rapidly from time to time. The growth of Internet users has also resulted in a growing number of websites present which offers a variety of information to the visitor.

As the users of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can utilize the stock Browser app available on this phone to browse the web and get the information you want. Usually when you use this app to browse the web, you may be met with an interesting website that you might want to visit again later. Well, here we'll discuss about some methods that you can do to make you more easier and faster to access your favourite websites by using the stock Browser app inside your precious Samsung Galaxy SIII.

1. Add to bookmarks
By adding your favourite websites to bookmark, then another time you can easily reopen the bookmarked website by tapping the bookmark icon and choose which bookmarks you want to open.
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2. Create shortcut on Home screen
Create a shortcut to your favourite website on the Home screen will certainly make you more faster in accessing the website, simply by tapping the shortcut on the Home screen and it'll open up the web in the Browser app.
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3. Set custom homepage
Set the browser homepage to your favourite websites is the next method that you can do to access the website more faster and easier. Once you set the homepage, then every time you open the browser app, then the app will open up the web page that you have previously set as the homepage.
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4. Access from the Internet history
The last method that you can do to access the website is through the Internet history. You can reopen the website through the available entries under the last 7 days section, last month section or most visited section.
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Well, these are 4 methods that you can do to speed up accessing your favourite website. And because all of the methods mentioned above don't require you to manually entering the URL, then of course all of them will save you from the trouble of forgetting the website address that you want to visit. Even so, if you know any other method to do so and it's not listed here, then I'll really appreciate if you're willing to share it through the comments below :)

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