Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: How to Take a Photo Using Virtual Shot Mode in Camera App in Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Virtual shot is a shooting mode in the Camera app in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that will let you take a series of photos while circling around an object to create multi-directional views of the object. You can use this mode when you want to capture an object in three dimensions or be able to view an object from different angles.

How to take a photo using virtual shot mode in the Camera app?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. On the Home screen, tap Apps at the bottom right corner of the screen to go to the apps menu and then tap the Camera app to open it. If the quick launch camera feature is enabled, you can quickly launch the Camera app from any screen by pressing the Home key twice in quick succession.
  2. Tap Mode to view all available shooting modes.
  3. Tap Virtual shot to enable this shooting mode.
  4. Aim the camera to an object. Make sure to place the object in the center of the preview screen.
  5. Tap to start taking a virtual shot photo and then move your phone around the object slowly in one direction(to left or right).
  6. Keep moving your phone around the object while keeping the object centered on the screen until the arrow becomes completely yellow and then your phone will automatically save the photo. Or, you can also manually stop the camera from taking the photo whenever you want by tapping .
  7. Tap the preview thumbnail to view the photo in the Gallery app.
  8. To view the virtual shot photo, tap in the middle of the photo. Your phone will rotate all around the image.
  9. If you'd like to view the object in the photo from different angles, drag your finger left or right on the screen, or tilt your phone left or right.

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