Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Fix Wi-Fi Always Turn Off When the Phone is Sleep

An insider named Nicola has sent me an email and ask me why the Wi-Fi on his Samsung Galaxy SIII is always turn off whenever the phone is sleep. The Wi-Fi will on again whenever he wake up the phone and put in password. Well, if you're also experience the same problem or if you want to keep the Wi-Fi always on while the phone is sleep for any reason, then below are some things you need to do in your phone.

1. Set the phone to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
The first thing you need to do is by setting the Wi-Fi to always on. If you don't know how to do so, you can see the steps in the link below.
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2. Turn off Power Saver or Battery Saver app
If you already set the Wi-Fi to always on --as happen on Nicola's case-- but the Wi-Fi still off when the phone is sleep, then try to check whether you have installed any other app related with power saving or battery saver. Most of these apps will turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection while the phone is sleep to save the power as much as possible. If you have any of them, then try to turn off them to let the Wi-Fi on when the phone is sleep.

Well, these are two possible ways that you can do to avoid the Wi-Fi turn off while the phone is sleep. However, if you own another ways to fix this problem then I'll really appreciate if you're willing to share them through the comment below :)

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