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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Fix Can't Delete an Additional Home Screen

An insider named Matthew has sent me an email to ask why his phone always crashing when he tried to delete additional home screen once he updated his phone to the Jelly Bean. As we all know that Samsung Galaxy SIII allows the user to add additional home screen up to seven home screen. Well, aside to make the Home screen more neat, deleting an unused home screen is one way that the user can do to manage RAM.

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However, if you're also experience the same problem as Matthew has, then try to check some possible ways to fix this problem as listed below:

Method #1: Delete Home screen
Try to delete Home screen using a common methods as listed below:
On Home screen, tap the Menu key then select Edit page, or pinch the Home screen to display all of your Home screen in a single page.Tap and hold the desired Home screen you wish to delete, then drag it to the trash can icon.
Method #2: Change the animation scale value
If the first met…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable or Disable Face and Voice Unlock Features

When you're in the lock screen menu, you will see the Face and voice as one of the methods that you can use to unlock your Samsung Galaxy SIII. This method utilizes the front-facing camera to recognize your face and utilize microphones to recognize your voice command, if a face and a voice recognisable then your phone will be unlocked.

How to enable Face and voice unlock method?
Below are the steps to do so:
Open Settings.Tap Security.Tap Screen lock.Select Face and voice.Tap the Set it up button.Tap the Continue button.Put your face in the dotted circle to let the phone identify your face.Wait until your face is captured correctly.Tap the Continue button.Tap the Microphone icon.Say a word or phrase you wish to use as an unlock command 4 times, then tap the Done button.Select a backup option, such as a PIN or Pattern. This option will be used if your face and voice are not recognized by the phone. If you choose a PIN go to the step #13, while if you choose a pattern go to the step #…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Organize Application in the App Menu

Lot of choices of applications available in the Google Play Store or other sources that you can install into your Samsung Galaxy SIII sometimes makes you end up with installing lot of apps to your phone. With so many apps installed, arrange the apps using the best view according to your need is one way that you can do to make you more easier when you want to access them.

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In addition to determine how the phone sort the app, in the app menu you can also organize them according to your liking, for example, move the app location or see the app info or else.

How to organize apps in the app drawer?
Below are the steps to do so:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Tap the Menu key then select Edit.To move the app, tap and hold the app then drag it to a new location.To add the app to a new folder, tap and hold the app then drag it to the new folder icon. You can also add another app to this new folder by tap and hold the a…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Do Manual Pause Dialing

Maybe you've had to call someone through his office number, and you must enter the extension number after dial the regular number to speak directly with him. Well, if you often experience this situation, you might have to consider to add pauses to the contact, so you don't need to enter the additional number whenever you call him again.

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In addition to add pauses to an existing contact, you can also do a manual pause dialing that will allow you to call a number with pauses--either a pause or a wait-- without saving it in your phone book.

How to manually add a pause or wait when make a call?
Below are the steps you need to do:
Open Phone app.Enter the phone number using the on-screen keypad.To add a pause go to the step #4, while to add a wait go to the step #5.Manually add the pause:Tap the Menu key.Tap Add 2-sec pause to add a two-second pause. This will displayed as comma (,). If Necessary, you can …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add Pauses to an Existing Contact Numbers

In the Samsung Galaxy SIII, there are several ways that you can do to make a call more faster and easier by utilizing the existing features owned by this phone. For example, you can use the easy call feature that will allow you to make calls simply by swiping the contact from left to right, or you can use the speed dial that will allow you to assign a shortcut number to an existing contact number on your contact list.

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Another way that you can do to make a call more easier, especially if you want to make a call on the contact number that require you to type in the PIN numbers or extensions is by adding pauses in the contact so you do not need to enter the number each time you call them. You can either add a pause to stop the calling sequence for 2 seconds or adding a wait to pause the calling sequence until you enter number or pressing a key.

How to add a pause or wait to an existing contact?

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Fix Google Play Store Stop Working Issue

Google Play Store is the official market for all of Android phone, including Samsung Galaxy SIII. Here you can download lot of apps or game then install them to your phone. To make you be able accessing Google Play Store, make sure you have activated your Google account on your phone.

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As same as another apps, some problem sometimes occur in the Google Play Store app, such as Play Store has stopped working resulting you can't access them to download its contents. If you're experiencing this problem, then there are some steps that you can do to fix this.

How to fix Google Play Store not working problem?
Assuming that you get the strong signal and you have no problem with the network, then you can try some possible steps to fix this problem:
I. Check whether the Download app is disabled
The first methods that you can do is by checking whether the Download app is disabled or not. Some user said that the Download app on …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Quickly Accessing Your Favourite Website

Nowadays we can easily get the information we want through the Internet. That's why no wonder if the easiness to do that makes Internet users growth rapidly from time to time. The growth of Internet users has also resulted in a growing number of websites present which offers a variety of information to the visitor.

As the users of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can utilize the stock Browser app available on this phone to browse the web and get the information you want. Usually when you use this app to browse the web, you may be met with an interesting website that you might want to visit again later. Well, here we'll discuss about some methods that you can do to make you more easier and faster to access your favourite websites by using the stock Browser app inside your precious Samsung Galaxy SIII.

1. Add to bookmarks
By adding your favourite websites to bookmark, then another time you can easily reopen the bookmarked website by tapping the bookmark icon and choose which bookmark…