Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Use Call Forwarding in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Call forwarding is a feature that will allow you to forward or divert incoming calls to other phone number in a specific condition, e.g: when you want to answer calls in other number, when your phone number is busy or unreachable, or when the incoming call is unanswered so that you won't miss any important call when you're in those conditions.

How to use the call forwarding feature?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap the Menu key and then select Call settings.
  3. Tap Additional settings.
  4. Tap Call forwarding.
  5. Tap Voice call.
  6. Here you can select the required call forwarding option from the following options:
    • Always forward: select this option to forward all incoming calls. When this call forwarding option is enabled, other call forwarding options will be disabled and this icon will be displayed on the status bar as a sign that all calls will be forwarded.
    • Forward when busy: select this option to forward incoming calls when your phone number is busy.
    • Forward when unanswered: select this option to forward incoming calls when unanswered.
    • Forward when unreachable: select this option to forward incoming calls when your phone is turned off or when your phone number is unreachable.
  7. Regardless the call forwarding option you have selected in the step #6, you'll be asked to enter an alternative number where the calls will be forwarded to or tap to pick up the required contact from the Contacts app and then tap Enable button. FYI, if you didn't choose always forward, you can enable other call forwarding options by repeating from the step #6.
  8. To disable call forwarding, tap the required call forwarding option (e.g: Forward when unanswered) you want to disable and then tap Disable button.

As a note, the call forwarding option in some model numbers of Samsung Galaxy S4 may be disabled or unavailable. Thus, if you don't have this option in your phone, you can alternatively enable call forwarding via text message or by dialing a specific code. You can get further information about the message format or the call forwarding code from your mobile service provider.

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