Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Answer, Reject and End a Call

Given making a call is one of the most frequently done by the users, no wonder if both of the Phone app and Contacts app--which will facilitate the user to make a call--usually become the stock apps in most of smartphone available today, including with the Samsung Galaxy SIV, so the user can use them directly without having to install them first.

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Aside to make a call, you can also receive incoming calls in this phone. This will of course will allow others to keep in touch with you. You can answer the call by using the on-screen icon or Home button, and end the call by using the on-screen icon or the Power button.

How to answer, reject and end a call with the on-screen icon or with the physical button?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. When you receive an incoming call, you usually see the contact details on the screen and two phone icons icon which you can use to accept or reject the call. To accept or reject a call use the on-screen icon go to the step #2, while to accept a call use the Home button go to the step #3.
  2. Tap and hold the Red phone circled icon and then drag it to the left to reject the call. Or, Tap and hold the Green phone circled icon and then drag it to the right to answer the call.
  3. Use Home button to answer a call.
    You can assign Home button to answer a call by following the steps below:
    • Go to Settings> tap My device tab> tap Call. Or, Open Phone app then select Call settings.
    • Tap Answering/ending calls.
    • Tick the box next to The home key answers calls to enable this option.
    • Now, you can use the Home button to accept a call
  4. While you're on call, there are some options available, such as:
    • Noise reduction: to enable or disable noise reduction.
    • Hold/Retrieve: to place the current call on hold or to retrieve a held call.
    • Extra volume: to enable or disable extra volume.
    • Add call: when you hold the current call, you can use this option to dial another contact. This option usually uses to make conference calls.
    • Keypad: to display the on-screen keyboard.
    • End call: to end the calls.
    • Speaker: to enable or disable speakerphone feature.
    • Mute: to turn off or on microphone.
    • Headset: to pair with the Bluetooth headset
  5. To end calls, tap End call icon in the on-screen keypad. Or you can also assign the Power key to end the call by following the step below:
    • Go to Settings> tap My device tab> tap Call. Or, Open Phone app then select Call settings.
    • Tap Answering/ending calls.
    • Tick the box next to The power key ends calls to enable this option.
    • Now, you can use the Power key to end a call.

FYI, I personally prefer to use the physical button to answer or end the call because it's more easier and faster than use the on-screen icon. So, which one do you like best?


  1. Hi.

    How to reject a call with physical button?

    1. Hi Dilshod Yussupov,
      Thanks for coming.
      By default, Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't have an option to set any physical buttons to reject the call (I don't know if your phone is rooted. I've heard somebody said that when your phone is rooted, you can change the keys configuration, but I don't know how to do so).

      However, if you don't like swiping the on-screen reject call icon to reject the call, you can do so by using one of these methods:
      1. Enable single tap mode
      You can enable single tap mode to allow you rejecting the call by single tapping the on-screen reject call icon. You can see the complete steps to enable single tap mode here:

      2. Using Voice command
      You can reject call with voice command by doing the following steps:
      - Open Phone app.
      - Tap the Menu key and then select "Call settings".
      - Tap "Answering/ending calls".
      - Tick the checkbox next to "Voice control" to enable this option.
      - If necessary, you can enable voice control by sliding the ON/OFF switch located at the top right corner of the screen to the right.
      - Tick the checkbox next to "Incoming call" to allow you reject calls with the voice commands "Reject".

  2. If I'm not around and phone rings I don't want anyone to be able to answer how do I do this on Samsung so 4

    1. Hi Edgar Camacho,
      Thanks for coming.
      Since the stock Phone app doesn't have an option to protect incoming calls with password or pin, then if you don't mind you can use third-party app called XUMBA That Call!
      Here's the link:
      This app lets you to protect your incoming call with a personalized 3-digits pin code so that no one can answer the call unless they know the right pin.


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