Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Use the Stock Qwerty Keyboard in Android 4.4.2

By default, Samsung Galaxy S5 uses the stock qwerty keyboard to facilitate the user when they want to enter text, for instance when composing a new text or email messages. The qwerty keyboard can be used when you hold your phone in portrait or landscape views. This keyboard has two main text input keys that can be used to change the on-screen keyboard keys: ABC mode and Sym mode.

How to use qwerty keyboard in ABC mode?
When the keyboard is displayed at the first time, it uses ABC text input mode by default. This mode will activate the default alphabet keys. While in this text input mode, you can do the following actions:
  1. Using suggestion words:
    When the predictive text feature is on, you'll see some suggestion words are displayed based on the letters you're typing. You can select one of them to correct or complete the word you're typing. If necessary, you can tap to see more suggestion words.
  2. Entering numbers/letters:
    You can do so by tapping the required numeric/alphabetic characters.
  3. Using the shift key:
    • Switch to Abc mode: tap to switch to Abc mode(the first letter will be entered in uppercase and the following letters will be entered in lowercase).
    • Enter an uppercase letter: tap to enter another uppercase letter.
    • Switch to ABC mode: tap twice and the key will change to as a sign that all of the letter will be entered in uppercase.
    • Switch to abc mode: tap to switch to abc mode(all of the letters will be entered in lowercase).
  4. Changing the text input mode:
    Tap to use keyboard in Sym mode. It will activate symbol, punctuation and emoticon keys.
  5. Changing the keyboard settings:
    You can quickly access the Samsung keyboard settings by tapping . From here, you can do some customizations for your keyboard.
  6. Accessing more keyboard options:
    You can access more keyboard options by long tapping and then select from the following options:
    • : select this option to use voice dictation feature.
    • : select this option to use handwriting feature.
    • : select this option to access clipboard.
    • : select this option to use optical reader.
    • : select this option to view more detailed settings for the keyboard.
    • : select this option to view emoticons.
    • : select this option to turn on the floating keyboard.
  7. Using additional Email or Web keys:
    When you're in a Browser or Email apps, two additional keys will be displayed in the left and right sides of the space bar. The Email-related keys are typically : @ and .com, while the Web-related keys are typically: / and www.
  8. Using the space bar:
    • Tap to enter a space.
    • When you have chosen multiple input languages in the Samsung keyboard settings, swipe the space bar to the right or to the left to switch between languages.
  9. Using the full stop key:
    • Tap to quickly enter a full stop.
    • Long tap to quickly view the most frequently used symbols or punctuations and then you can select the required one.
  10. Using the enter key:
    FYI, this key can change depending on the app you're using:
    • Return/Enter key : tap this key to break to the next line.
    • Next key : tap this key to move the text cursor from one field to another. This key is used when typing text in to multiple fields.
    • Go key : tap this key to perform an action.
    • Done key : tap this key to accept input.
  11. Using the delete key:
    • Tap to delete a preceding character.
    • Tap and hold to delete preceding characters. Release the key to stop deleting.
    • Tap to move the text cursor backwards when you're in the empty multiple lines.

How to use qwerty keyboard in Sym mode?
If you tap while you're in ABC text input mode then it will bring you to the Sym mode which will activate symbol, punctuation and emoticon keys. While in Sym mode, there are some different keys that you can use:
  1. Enter a symbol or punctuation:
    You can do so by tapping the required symbol or punctuation keys.
  2. : tap this key to view more symbols and punctuations.
  3. : tap this key to return to the ABC text input mode.
  4. : tap this key to display all available emoticons. FYI, you can also long tap this key to access more keyboard options (e.g: clipboard, handwriting, etc).


  1. The number line has disappeared from the Qwerty Keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy 5S phone. I have to use the Up Arrow Key while typing to use the numbers that show above the top row of letters. How do I change it back?

    1. Hi Jerri Meys,
      Thanks for coming.
      Do you use Samsung keyboard or other third-party keyboard app?
      If you don't mind, you can send me a screenshot of your qwerty keyboard. You can send it to:


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