Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Copy and Paste Text in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

If you often write or revise document on a computer, you may have ever used the copy and paste text function. This function will let you transferring text from one location/app to another, either by duplicating or moving the text. In Samsung Galaxy S5, this function can also be found so that you can easily copy text from one app to another.

How to copy and paste text?
Actually, you can copy text in many apps and then paste it into a text field in most other apps. But, as the example, we'll try copying text from a webpage in Internet app and then pasting it to a text message:
  1. Open a webpage in Internet app.
  2. Once the webpage is fully loaded, tap and hold over the required text you want to copy to.
  3. If necessary, you can adjust the selected text by dragging or . Or, you can tap Select all to select all text.
  4. Tap Copy . The selected text will be copied to the clipboard.
  5. Now, open Messaging app and then tap to create a new text message.
  6. Long tap in the Enter message field and you'll see two options available in a pop up window:
    • Paste : tap this option to paste text that you have just copied.
    • Clipboard : tap this option to view all of the recently copied text and then select the required one you want to paste to.

As a note, when selecting text in a text entry field, you can not only copy the selected text, but also cut the text by utilizing the Cut option . The difference is copying text will duplicate the original one but cutting text will not.

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