Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Use Floating Keyboard in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Have you ever wanted to get more space when entering texts (e.g: when composing text or email messages)? If that so, you can try using the floating keyboard feature. When this feature is activated, the keyboard will float above the currently opened app and is movable so that you can use the whole screen to view/open the app. However, you have to remember that since the floating keyboard has smaller keys than those in the standard one then it'd better you don't use it to type if you're the one who have difficulty to type using smaller keys.

How to use the floating keyboard?
Since the stock keyboard uses the standard one by default, if you want to use the floating keyboard feature then you have to enable it first. You can do so from any app or screen where you can enter text. As the example, we'll try enabling and using the floating keyboard while composing a new text message in Messaging app:
  1. Open Messaging app and then tap to create a new text message.
  2. If necessary, tap the Enter message field to view the keyboard.
  3. Long tap (as a note, other icons may appear instead of the depending on the last function that was used) until a pop up window appears and then select to enable the floating keyboard.
  4. While the floating keyboard is enabled, you can do some of the following actions:
    • Moving the keyboard: you can easily move the floating keyboard to another location simply by dragging .
    • Entering texts: you can enter texts with the qwerty keyboard, 3x4 keyboard, handwriting and voice dictation.
    • Switch to the standard keyboard: tap to disable the floating keyboard and switch to the standard one.

For the record, when you enable the magnification gestures feature then you will notice that the floating keyboard option is no longer available in your keyboard. It's because the magnification gestures feature won't work on the keyboard thus while this feature is on the user can't enable floating keyboard. So, if you can't find the floating keyboard option in your keyboard, make sure the magnification gestures feature is disabled.

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  1. hi, how to get rid of that anoying floating keyboard once and for all, roted 4.4 kitkat, usint 7" samsung tablet


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