Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Add New Contact in the Contacts App

Contacts app is one of pre-installed apps in the Samsung Galaxy SIV that you can use to organize all your contacts. This app will allow you to add new contact to make you more easier if you want to use them later, such as when you want to make a call or send a message. In addition, the contact's information you have entered will also be used by other applications to facilitate your activities, such as the Messaging app will use the contact info to identify incoming text messages or the Phone app will use the contact information to identify incoming calls, etc..

How to add new contact in the Contacts App?
As the example, we'll save the new contact to the phone memory because it'll provide more option to customize contact. Well, here are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Contacts app.
  2. Tap the Plus button in the right side of the search field to add new contact.
  3. Tap the Name field and then type the contact's name.
  4. To add photo to contact:
    • Tap the contact's picture box in the left side of the Name field.
    • You'll see some options available which you can use to select from where you wish to pick up the picture you wish to use as contact's picture, they are: Image(Gallery app), Pictures by people(tagged people in pictures), Take picture(take the picture using Camera app), or S Memo.
    • If necessary, you can crop the picture.
    • Tap the Done button.
    • The selected picture will be applied as the contact's picture.
  5. Tap the Phone number field and then type the contact's phone number.
  6. If necessary, tap the Email address field and then type the contact's email address.
  7. If necessary, tap Groups to add this contact into the existing group or to the new group.
  8. To assign ringtone:
    • Tap Ringtone.
    • Select the desired ringtone you wish to use.
    • Tap OK button.
  9. To assign message tone:
    • Tap Message alert.
    • Select the desired message alert you wish to use.
    • Tap OK button.
  10. To change vibration pattern:
    • Tap Vibration pattern.
    • Select vibration pattern you wish to use.
    • Tap OK button.
  11. If necessary, you may also add additional information for the contact by tapping the Add another field button, such as Phonetic name, Organisation, etc.
  12. Tap Save button to save the contact.

After you add all of your contacts into the Contacts app, now you can make a call or send a message to the desired contact easily without having to worry about forgetting a phone number or other contact info.


  1. What if nothing happens when I tap on the contact icon? My husband's S4 works like you said, but mine won't.

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      So, can I conclude that you wanted to add a photo when adding a new contact but when you tapped the contact's picture icon, it didn't give you options to select the photo source?
      If you don't mind, can you please tell me your model number and the Android version?
      FYI, since I write this post based on my GT-I9500 then you may have to use a slightly different method to add a photo contact if you use other model number.


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