Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Delete Contact in Contacts App

Nowadays, almost every one has their own phones to communicate with others, either by making a call or sending a message. Due to that reason, save all of your contacts are a needed thing that you should do to facilitate you when you want to use them later. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy SIV has provided the stock Contacts app which will allow you to easily add all of your contacts and do some customizations on them.

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Nevertheless, in certain condition you may want to delete a single or multiple contacts when you no longer want to keep them or even deleting all of your contact list when you want to sell the phone or send the phone back to the service center to get a fix or replacement.

How to remove contact?
To do so, kindly follow the steps listed below:
  1. Open Contacts app. All your contact list will be displayed.
  2. To delete a single contact go to the step #3, to delete multiple contacts go to the step #4, while to delete all contacts go to the step #5.
  3. Delete a single contact:
    • Long tap the desired contact you wish to delete.
    • In pop up menu select Delete.
    • Tap OK button.
    • The selected contact will be deleted.
  4. Delete multiple contacts:
    • Tap the Menu key then select Delete.
    • Tick the box next to the desired contacts you wish to delete.
    • Tap Delete button.
    • Tap OK button.
    • All selected contacts will be deleted.
  5. Delete all contacts:
    • Tap the Menu key then select Delete.
    • Tick the box next to the Select all option to select all of your contacts.
    • Tap Delete button.
    • Tap OK button.
    • All of your contact list will be deleted.

By knowing how to remove contact in Contacts app, now you can easily delete a single, multiple or even all of your contacts according to your situation and need.

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