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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Zoom In or Zoom Out Webpage

Samsung Galaxy SIII has come with some useful pre-installed apps that you can use directly without you need to install them first. One of them is the Browser app that you can use to browse the web, read online magazine, etc.

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To facilitate you while using the Browser app to browse the web, this app allows you to zoom in or zoom out the webpage to make the page more easier to read, moreover if the webpage is too big or too small.

How to zoom in or zoom out the web?
There are some methods that you can do to zoom in or out the web on Browser app. You can see them below:
While you're viewing a webpage, tap and hold the screen with your two thumbs at two points then tilt the phone away from you or tilt the phone towards you to zoom in or zoom out. In order to make you be able to use this motion, first you need to enable this motion in Settings menu.
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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Edit Playlist Name

The best way to facilitate you when listening to music on the Music player app in the Samsung Galaxy SIII is by creating a music playlist according to the category you want. You can specify any music you want to add into the playlist and delete music you don't want to be there.

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In addition to add or removing music from certain playlist, you can also edit the name of the playlist to your liking. For some conditions, an appropriate name for the playlist will facilitate you to know the music categories inside it when you want to listen to them later.

How to rename playlist name?
To change the playlist name, kindly follow the steps listed below:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Music player, then tap it.Tap Playlists tab.Tap the desired playlist you wish to rename.Tap the Menu key then select Edit tittle.Enter a new name for the playlist as you want.Tap OK button to save the changes.The playlist name has been …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add or Remove Music Files on Playlist

Listening to music directly on your phone is one of fun things to do. Listening to music can help you killing the times while you're bored to wait for something or accompany you during a long-tiring journey. Therefore, almost all smartphones available today provides music player as one of their pre-install apps, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII. In this application you can categorize some music files into a playlist to facilitate you when want to listen to them later.

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Once you've created playlists, later whenever you want to listen them, simply open the playlist and the app will play all the music inside the playlist. In addition, you can also add the new music to your playlist and/or remove the old song that you don't want to be there.

How to add or remove music from playlists?
Below are the steps to do so:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Music player, then tap it.Tap Playlists tab.Tap the desired playlis…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to View, Sending a Message and Calling Back a Missed Call from the Lock Screen

Samsung Galaxy SIII provides several methods that you can use to unlock the screen, from the basic swipe method up to using a password or PIN. You can also customize your lock screen by changing its background image or change the default shortcut with the new shortcut to your favourite apps.

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Another thing that you can do in the lock screen is viewing missed calls to allow you call back the number or send a message. This of course will be able to save your time because you can view the missed call in a single tap.

How to view, send message and call back to a missed call number from the lock screen?
Below are the steps to do so:
Tap the Missed call icon in the lock screen then move it in any direction to display call details.The call log is displayed and missed calls are identified by the Missed call icon  next to the number.To call back the missed call number by swiping it to the right.To send a message swipe the missed …

Samsung Galaxy S3 : How to Use Notification Bar

One of the important part of the Samsung Galaxy SIII which will be able to tell you everything happens in your phone is the notification bar. From here you can see the recent notification messages, status bar, alerts, etc. Through the notification bar you can also activate some device function quickly, such as Bluetooth, Sync, Mobile Data, etc.

How to use notification bar?
Below are the steps to do so:
On the Home screen, tap and hold notification bar to see the pull down, then drag it downwards to display notification panel.Here you'll see a group of toggle button represent some device function, such as Wi-Fi, Silent mode, Bluetooth, etc. You can access additional device functions by sliding the screen to the right or to the left. To activate or deactivate them, simply by toggling them on or off. When the toggle button shows green means the function is turned on, while if it shows gray means the function is turned off.To open the recent notification, tap the notification messages. …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Dial and Save a Recent Call or Number

You can view the call histories on the Samsung Galaxy SIII through the call log menu in the Phone app. Here you can see a list of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. You can either redial, save the phone numbers or may remove some or all of the existing call logs.

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Well, as we have known the way to remove the call logs in the previous post --you can see the steps in the link above-- then in this post we will learn about how to dial and/or save the recent call or number to the phone book, either as new contact or to update an existing contact.

How to dial a recent call or number?
To do so, kindly follow the steps listed below:
Open Phone app.Tap the Logs tab.Here you can see a list of recent calls.Tap the desired contact or phone numbers you wish to dial.Tap the Call icon to make a call.
How to save a recent call or number?
You can either add the recent number as a new contact or add it to an exiting contact by following…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Search Message on Messaging App

Samsung Galaxy SIII allows you to compose and send a text or multimedia message by utilizing Messaging app. The incoming and sent messages will be displayed as a conversation. However, the easiness and the needs to communicate with others using the messages sometimes end up the Messaging app filled quickly with lot of messages. Fortunately, there is an option that will allow you to set limitation on how many messages will be saved.

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When you have lot of messages, the search function will help you lot to find the desired message more easier and faster without you need to looking up them manually one by one. All you need to do is entering the search term to display all the messages contains with them.

How to search message?
Below are the steps to do so:
Open Messaging app.Tap the Menu key then select Search.Enter your word or phrase you wish to search.Tap Search key on the virtual keyboard to …