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Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy SIII and How to Fix It | Part I

We all agree that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone that is equipped with powerful hardware / software and useful features. Although some people say that this smartphone is too big, but in fact this phone has sold exceeded expectations. But nothing perfect in this world, right? so does the phone.

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There are some common problems that have been reported in this phone, such as overheating, lag, random freezes etc.. As reported by the site, below is a common problem on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and how to fix them:

1. Random Freezes
In 2013 many users have reported that their phones are experiencing random freezes. There is even a cell phone for months is fine then suddenly experiencing this problem. The cause of this problem could be due to software and it might be related to the update for Android 4.1.2

There are many ways that you can try to solve this problem for a while and was not able to prevent this problem to arise again in the future…

How to Make Samsung Galaxy SIII Feel Faster with Five Simple Tweaks

This month, Google officially released the update to the latest version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In this update Google also includes Project Butter that will fix to a common problem experienced by older firmware versions and can make your Android devices run faster and responsive to touch.

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One of the Android devices that use a lot of people today is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Yes, even this phone is great and supported with powerful processor and more RAM, it does not mean that the phone does not have a weakness and or having problems. One of the problems that may arise on this phone, and probably all of the phone in the world is that you feel your phone is running slower than before.

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There are many ways you can do to solve this problem. And the good news is that you do not need to do any root to make your phone faster. You just need t…

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy SIII with Two Easy Ways

Almost everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone and has many useful features, both visible and hidden in the phone's settings. One of them is we can take a screenshot on this phone easily.

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For some reason, you may need a screenshot of your Android phone. Suppose you want to share about how to set the app or anything on your phone with your friends. Yes, previously to take screenshots on your phone sound like a difficult thing and you may need to use a third-party app to do this. But, with the launch of the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it could be something that you could possibly do. Of course you can also do the same in the latest version of Android.

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Taken from the site, There are two easy ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let's check them out.

The First Easy Way
You can do this thing easily b…

Review : Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications, Release Date and Price

Finally, the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy SIV arrives in unpacked event in New York on Thursday this week. Before it was announced, this most awaited gadget is getting more attention from many people and dominate the news on gadgets. And it looks like Samsung's decision to announce this device in an exclusive event likely was groundless because the device is truly remarkable. Almost all of the expectations that exist in the rumours that circulated earlier can be found on the device.

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How does it look like?
This phone comes with smaller dimensions than its predecessor 5.38x2.34x0.5 inches with a thickness only 7.9mm and weighs only 130 grams. With a lighter phone, it will surely add to the convenience of users when using this.

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For its body, the phone is still using the same material as that used by the Samsung Galaxy SIII, polycarbonate chassis. What distinguishes it…

3 Things to Do to Get Better Battery Life in Your Beloved Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII is the Samsung's flagship smartphone that outselling Apple's iPhone. However this great phones turned out such common problems mostly occur on other Android phones, poor battery life. There are several things that cause this to happen, like a big screens, uses LTE data connection, other wireless features: NFC, S Beam and Bluetooth.

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Because every problem always has its own solution, then so with this. You can do some things that can extend your battery life and or make it better according such as setting the phone, use a useful application and use the extended battery.

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To ensure your these things goes well, you should check the percentage of battery consumption first. You can use the result as a comparison with the results you'll see again after this. Simply by tap on the battery, it will show you how long your phone has be…

10 Useful Tips for Optimizing the Performance of the Samsung Galaxy SIII

This time inside-galaxy will write about Samsung Galaxy SIII as it's the Samsung's flagship smartphone released last year and surpassed the sales of Apple's iPhone. This certainly makes sense because this phone comes with a larger screen, powerful processors, some useful features and are available in almost all countries arroud the world.

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The interesting thing about this phone is the changes to the Android operating system which means there are some unusual features. According to site, below are some tips to turn these features on in order to make you able to do more and see something different on your favorite mobile phone:

1. Customization audio to personal settings
Customises phone call audio is one of the coolest features present in this mobile phone that allows you to adjust the Personalised EQ which will pumps up the frequencies most appropriate for you. As we know, everyone has different hearing abilities, such as when we…

Leaked Photos and Hands On Video of Alleged as Samsung Galaxy SIV

Of the many rumors leaked, until now no one has shown how it would be like. Untill in late Monday Samsung posts a teaser picture with the caption "The Countdown For %TheNextBigThing Has Begun" via Facebook and Twitter. The picture uploaded is disguised by shadow so we can not see the whole phone. While so many people believe that this is the Samsung Galaxy SIV which is expected to be announced on the unpacked event will be hosted by Samsung at Radio City Music Hall in New York on Thursday tomorrow.

Approaching the day which is expected to be a day of the announcement, appearing post in the form of photos and hands on videos on the site Until now no one can ascertain the truth it. Even according to the news on site said that they have contacted Samsung to ascertain the truth of these videos, and they promised to release an answer from Samsung through their site as soon as they got it.

When viewed, the phone in the video is indeed having the Samsung'…