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Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Install, Configure and Use Kids Mode in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

If you're like me, then surely your kids ever borrow your phone and play with it. But, in some cases, the kids' curiosity sometimes make them accessing a thing that you don't want to be accessed by them. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy S5 provides the users with a widget called Kids mode that you can find in the Home screen. Kids mode allows you to restrict children's access to certain apps or contents stored in your phone so that you can provide your kids a fun and safe environment while using your phone. Since this widget is not installed by default, then you have to download it first and then install it in your phone manually. Once done, you can configure kids mode according to your need.

How to install Kids mode?
Before using this widget in your phone, you have to download and install it first by using the following steps:
  1. Find the Kids mode widgets icon in the Home screen, and then tap it.
  2. Tap OK button in the Install application screen.
  3. Tap Install button. Your phone will download the widget and then install it.
  4. Once installation is completed, you'll be asked to set your PIN. You can do so by tapping Set PIN button.
  5. Enter your PIN twice.
  6. Enter your alternative password (it'll be used if you forget your PIN) and then tap Continue button
  7. Re-enter your alternative password and then tap OK button
  8. In the Kid's profile screen, you can create a kid profile:
    • If necessary, you can change the photo profile by tapping the picture box and then select the picture source (Select image to select picture from Gallery app, Take picture to take picture using the phone camera and then use the result as the photo profile or Select clip art to select picture from clip art) and then select the required picture.
    • Enter your kid name.
    • Tap the Date of birth field and then adjust to the required date and then tap Set button.
    • Tap Next button.
  9. Tap Accept button in the Disclaimer screen.
  10. In the Add applications screen, select apps you're allowed by checking the box in the left side of the desired apps and then tap Next button.
  11. Tap Finish button.
  12. Now, the Kids mode has been installed in your phone.

How to configure Kids mode?
Once the installation and first configuration are completed, now you can configure Kids mode by using the following steps:
  1. Tap Kids mode icon in Home screen or in the Apps menu.
  2. Tap to enter the parental control screen.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. Tap to view all kids parental control menu.
  5. Change the kid's profile:
    • Tap the kid's profile name.
    • Tap to edit the profile. Here you can change the photo profile, name and date of birth.
    • Tap Save button.
  6. See the kid's activities:
    • Tap Activity.
    • Tap Last 7 days tab to see total playtime and most frequently used apps in the last 7 days.
    • Tap Last 30 days tab to see total playtime and most frequently used apps in the last 30 days.
  7. Change the daily playtime limit:
    • Tap Daily playtime limit.
    • Slide the ON/OFF switch located at the top right corner of the screen to the right to enable this option.
    • Tap the Circle time icon in the middle of the screen to adjust the limit.
    • Here you can increase or decrease the daily playtime. The maximum daily playtime is 180 minutes or 3 hours.
    • Tap Set button.
  8. Allow or restrict apps:
    • Tap Applications. Here you'll see all allowed apps.
    • Tap and then select the required apps you want to add to the allowed apps list.
    • Tap and then select the required apps you want to remove from the allowed apps list.
  9. Allow or restrict contents:
    • Tap Media.
    • Tap and then select media (picture and video) you want to add to the allowed media list.
    • Tap and then select the required media you want to remove from the allowed media list.
  10. Adjust the Kids mode settings:
    • Tap General.
    • If necessary, you can enable 3D tilting effect on the Kids mode home screen by checking the box next to 3D tilting effect.
    • If necessary, you can disable the Back key in Kids mode by checking the box next to Block key.
    • If required, you can change your PIN by tapping Change parental PIN. You'll be asked to enter your current PIN and then enter your alternative password twice.
    • If required, tap Reset and then enter your PIN to revert back the settings to the default.
  11. Install kid's apps to the Kids mode Home screen:
    • Tap Kids store.
    • Tap OK button in the Disclaimer screen.
    • Now you can see kid's apps grouped into some categories (Special, For kids, Learning, Play, Story and Other). As a note, you should have a Samsung account in your phone to be able installing apps from the kids store. If you have not added a Samsung account, you'll be asked to either sign up a new Samsung account or sign in with your existing Samsung account.
    • Select the desired apps you want to install. I'll write further more about it in another post.
    • The newly installed app will be added to the allowed apps list automatically

How to use Kids mode home screen?
Once you configure the settings of the Kids mode, now your kid can use your phone to play safely. Here are the complete steps to use kids mode:
  1. Tap Kids mode icon in Home screen or in the Apps menu.
  2. The Kids mode home screen is now enable. Here you can see some default apps (Kids Gallery, Kids Camera, Kids Drawing, Kids Voice Recorder and Kids Media) and additional apps that you have installed before from the Kids store. 
  3. Now, your kid can play all allowed apps and contents in Kids mode safely.
  4. As a note, unless you exit from this mode, this mode will remain active even when the screen is locked. And, when the daily playtime limit is over, the Kids mode will be locked and can't be used unless you extend the limit.
  5. To exit or disable Kids mode, tap and then enter your PIN.

Please note that while Kids mode home screen is being used, all notifications sound will be turned off and the notifications panel can't be accessed. Well, given to the feature and how this mode works, now you can lend your phone to be played by your kid in peace without worrying they will access or use unwanted apps or contents.


  1. Is it possible to configure more than one profile in the kids mode? Means age related profiles?

    1. Hi h_ebid,
      Thanks for coming.
      Sadly to say that this feature doesn't support multi-user profiles thus you're only allowed to create a single profile.

  2. How can you delete the voice recordings from kids mode?

    1. Hi Deidre Ortega,
      Thanks for coming.
      To delete a voice recording file from the kids mode, you have to exit from the kids mode first and then delete the required voice recording file from My Files app. Here's the steps:
      1. Open My Files app.
      2. Under Local storage section, tap "Device storage".
      3. Tap "Kids Mode" folder.
      4. Tap "Kids Voice Recorder" folder. All voice recording files from kids mode will be displayed here as .wav files.
      5. Long tap the required voice recording file to select it and then tap the Trash can icon at the top of the screen.
      6. Tap "OK" button to confirm.
      7. The selected voice recording file has been deleted.

  3. Is there a way to enable my samsung s5 from allowing my child to answer a phone call while in kids mode? Allowing the call to just head straight for voicemail? I have been searching online all day trying to find the answer to this question and i am coming up with nothing..which leads me to beleive that the answer to my question will be no...nonetheless, i still figured i would ask!

    1. Hi Proudmom,
      Thanks for coming.
      Sadly to say that kids mode has no option to divert incoming calls to the voicemail. Even though it has the option, the incoming call notification will cover up the screen so there's still a chance for your child to answer the call. If you don't want your child to answer the call while in kids mode, there are some options available for you:
      1. Set your phone to always forward the incoming calls so that you can still receive the calls in another phone number.
      2. Activate auto reject mode so that you can reject some or all incoming calls.
      3. Activate blocking mode so that you can block incoming calls except from those you have allowed to call you while blocking mode is enabled.

  4. Can the camera / video feature be disabled in kids mode? My kid just turns on the video and it runs endlessly.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for so late answer.
      From what I know, the camera/video feature can be disabled in the Kids mode, but you can control which pictures or videos that can be played in Kids mode.

  5. Hi! I have deleted the icon of kids mode in my home screen bwfore i could install it... how am i able to find the installer? I can't seem to fin it on playstore nor galaxy app store.. thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      You can find the Kids mode icon in the widgets list. Assuming that your phone is Samsung Galaxy S5, then you can add the Kids mode widget to the home screen by using the following steps:
      1. In home screen, long tap in the blank area of the home screen and then tap "Widgets".
      2. Find the "Kids Mode 1x1" widget.
      3. Tap and hold the widget and then drag it to the desired place in home screen.
      4. Once the widget is added to the home screen, tap the widget to start configuring the Kids mode.

  6. It appears kid store has been added and can't be removed?? I'd rather not have it there regardless of if they can purchase, confuses my 2yr old, please advise?? Kid mode a big reason gave S5 a try!

    1. Hi CKaz,
      Thanks for coming.
      From what I know, the kid store within kids mode can't be removed and it only can be accessed if you know the PIN number of the kids mode.

  7. I accidentally deleted kids mode from "setting." Can I download this app from somewhere? I cannot find that from "Widgets" area either. My 6 year old boy is now almost crying. Help!!

    1. Hi Jennycho,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm sorry to say that I'm little bit confused with your question. So, if you don't mind, can you please tell me more detail about how you delete the kids mode from "settings"?
      Also, please let me know your model number and Android version.
      FYI, the Kids mode is a default widget in Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 that's why you should be able to find it in your widgets list.

    2. The same thing has happened to me after the latest update. Note 4/ VZW

  8. Hi,
    How can I get this app on my note 3. My toddler is finding it hard to keep his hands away from my phone nowadays..


    1. Hi Fazil,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try to find the Kids Mode in the widgets list in your Note 3 and then add it to your home screen. Once done, tap the Kids Mode icon on your home screen to configure the Kids Mode app.

  9. Hello.... I've been racking my brain for a while... I went to "music" in "settings" and added a bunch of songs to the library... and now I don't know how to access them to play them. I cannot find any forum that answers or even asks this question. Just want my little one to hear music as she loves songs and all the songs are in there (in kids mode) but I don't know how to access them in order to play them. Thanks in advanced if yu know this one! :)

    1. Hi SoBo Town,
      Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for the late answer.
      You can play all music you have added in the "Music" menu within the Parental control by going to the Kids mode home screen and then tap Music Player icon (the icon with xylophone).

  10. Hi how do I add music to kids mode? I can see the add music button but when I press it none of my music is there. Is it because I purchase music through google play? If this is the case how else could I purchase music that will play in kids mode?

    1. Hi Hula7,
      Thanks for coming.
      From what I know, when you're pressing the Add music button in the parental control in Kids mode, it will redirect you to the stock Music Player app, not to Google Play Music app.
      To test it, try transferring music files from other device or from PC to your phone. They will be listed in the stock Music Player app automatically. Next, try adding the music files to the Kids mode.

  11. Hi. I activated kids mode for my kids and now I can't remember the password. I can't do anything on my Samsung note 3! I have tried all possible passwords and nothing is working! Help! I can't access my phone!!!!

    1. Hi Lapo Akinbobola,
      Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for so late answer.
      From what I know, there are two ways that can be taken when you forget the PIN number for the Kids mode:

      I. Using the alternative password
      When you set up the kids mode at the first time, you will be asked to enter the 4-digits PIN and an alternative password. In case, you just forget the PIN number but still remember the password, then you can use it to exit from the kids mode. Here's the complete steps:
      1. Tap Exit icon in kids mode.
      2. When you enter incorrect PIN five times, you'll see "Forgotten your PIN?" option. Tap this option.
      3. Enter the alternative password and then tap "OK" button.
      4. If the password is correct, you'll be able to exit from the kids mode.

      II. Performing factory reset from the recovery mode
      If you forget both PIN number and the alternative password, the last thing that can be done to fix your problem is by performing factory reset from the recovery mode. But, you have to remember that it will wipe all of your data. Thus, it'd better if you backup your data (photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc) to your PC before performing the factory reset. You can use Kies app to backup your data.

  12. Hi,

    My kids mode om my samsung galaxy s5 active will not update. Google play store says it needs a update but when I attempt to a message says my debice is incompatable.. the alligator on my kids mode does not move just keeps talking.. is there a way to fix this? HELP please.. desprite my son loves this.but need to be more fluid.

    Thank you

  13. I uninstalled it but the icon does not go away from my phone's list of apps. How do I delete the image?

  14. I had contacts set up for my son in kids mode they are gone and I am unable to get the contacts added back onto his kids mode

  15. My son has recorded some (to me) precious voice recordings. How can I save those to my device outside kids mode? Like to send a text audio file of a specific recording he made to my husband for example. Is there a way? I'd also be willing to connect phone to computer and sift through the phone on my laptop if need be. Thanks!

    1. Hi Erin Richardson,
      Thanks for coming.
      In Samsung Galaxy S5, you can find kids voice recording files by using these steps(I write these steps based on my Galaxy S5 SM-G900H runs with Android 5.0 Lollipop):
      1. Open My Files app.
      2. Tap "Device storage" to access the internal memory of your phone.
      3. Tap "Kids Mode" folder.
      4. Tap "Kids Voice Recorder_(kids mode profile name)" folder. All voice recordings made while you're in Kids mode will be saved here with .m4a file extension.
      5. If you'd like to share a kid voice recording file to your husband's phone, select the required kid voice recording file and then share it using an available share method, e.g: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, etc. While, if you'd like to transfer a kid voice recording file to your PC, connect your phone to your PC and then copy the required kid voice recording file to your PC.

    2. Hi Rehan,

      Can you answer a question for me? I used to see the audio files in this location, and there still are several in there from last year. But the recent audio recordings we have done (perhaps since an update) are not there! And I'm very sad because I can't find them anywhere! Is there some setting I need to change to ensure more recordings are kept properly in device storage?

    3. Hi Trish,
      Thanks for coming.
      To be honest, I don't know why your recent audio recordings are not there. But, it may have been deleted or moved accidentally. FYI, updating your phone or Kids mode should not delete any file.
      However, it'd better if you start considering to periodically backup your important files in your phone to your PC or other storage, so that when you lose them or your phone is broken, you still have them in your PC.

  16. Where can I get the download link to kids mode? I have it on my samsung 5 and would love to have it on my samsung tablet. I cant find it anywhere!

    1. Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for coming.
      From what I know, kids mode app can be found in the widgets list if your Samsung phone runs with Android Kitkat or above.
      So, if your tablet runs with Android Kitkat or above, go to the widgets list and then try finding the kids mode widget. If you find it, add the kids mode widget to the home screen and then use it to download and install kids mode app.

  17. my note 4 with 5.1.1 is saying my device isn't compatible with kids mode

  18. Hi i have videos on sd cards and my note 3 kids mode adds them but i cant get that to work on my note edge?

  19. Can I change the default storage location for photos and videos?

  20. A bit dissapointed with the music feature of kids mode. I can't add music I've already paid for via Google play, I can't add albums I've paid for using my galexy app. Do I have to buy cds too to copy the files on my computer so I can put them on my device? Why have an option for music if you won't let us use it? Or watch the movies we have downloaded from google play. Otherwise I love kids mode, would be handy to have 2 different profiles for different kids though

    1. My version allows me to have different profiles for my children. It says I'm allowed to make up to 6 different profiles. Perhaps check that you have the most recent version installed??

  21. Hi, I've downloaded peppa pig tv shows from google play onto my Samsung tablet. How do I get these into kids mode so that my child can watch them on his profile?


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