Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Enable, Edit or Disable Recommended Apps when Earphone is Connected in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

If you notice, you'll see a list of recommended apps are displayed in the notifications panel when you connect an earphone into your Samsung Galaxy S5. It's done to facilitate the users accessing up to 5 favourite apps that are often used with earphone (my phone has Music player app, Video player app, Youtube app, Phone app and Smart Remote app). You can set your phone to show or hide those apps according to your need. You're even allowed to choose which apps you want to be displayed in the notifications panel when your earphone is connected to the phone.

How to enable, edit or disable recommended apps while using earphone?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Swipe down the top of the screen to open up the notifications panel.
  2. Tap the Settings icon to enter the Settings menu.
  3. With the Settings menu is displayed in grid view, scroll down to the "Sound and display" section and then tap Notification panel .
  4. Tap Recommended apps.
  5. Depending on your current settings, you can enable or disable the recommended apps menu by tapping the ON/OFF switch located at the top right corner of the screen. When the switch is on the right side or shows green means this option is enabled.
  6. Since everyone has their own favourite apps, then if you don't like those default apps you can edit them while the recommended apps menu is enabled by using the following steps:
    • Tap Edit.
    • Here you'll see all of installed apps. The check-marked apps will be displayed in the list of recommended apps in the notifications panel when earphone is connected.
    • Clear the checkbox to remove the app from the list.
    • Tick the checkbox to add the app to the list.
    • Tap Done button to save the changes.

As a note, if the recommended apps menu is disabled, you won't see the earphone icon on the status bar when you connect earphone into your phone, but your earphone still can be used normally. So, if you don't see the icon on the status bar when earphone is plugged in into your phone, then before you judge your earphone is broken, it'd better if you check the recommended apps menu and make sure it is enabled.


  1. OMG thank you. 2 days of frustration & not knowing what the hell happened. I know the headphones still work, but it's more OCD for me. If the headphones refuse to work then how do I know they are plugged in...kinda like that?

    Now all I need to know is why on earth only generic headphones that cost me $2 on ebay work (and can answer calls) but the ones that came with my phone (the genuine ones) the call button changes the volume & the volume rocker opens the top icon on my phone?

  2. I know how to change recommended apps through the settings menu, but after a while, the service closes (headphone icon in the notification bar disappears), and my edits to the recommended apps list reverts back to default.
    Samsung galaxy S5 active Lollipop 5.0

    1. I have the same disappearing notification issue, but mine doesn't reset to default. I just unplug and replug the headset to make the notification reappear, but it eventually disappears again. I've had this issue since Jelly Bean, at least, and I still haven't found a fix for it.

  3. I love you so much right now. Thank you. This was driving me up the wall.

  4. Thank you so much. I just did a factory reset and forgot how to disable that annoying popup from coming on every time I plugged in the headphones. Cheers.

  5. OMG it's Worked man. i tried lots of way from online but nothing works. dude. thank you. so much.


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