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Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Sync Facebook Photo Albums with Gallery App in Android 4.4 Kitkat

As we all know that Facebook has been being one of the most popular social media since a couple years back. Having a Facebook account allows you to stay connected with others' users, create status, share picture, etc. Even though this app is quite popular but the Samsung Galaxy SIV didn't include it as one of the pre-installed apps therefore you have to install this app by yourself through the Google Play Store if you want to use this app in your phone.

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So, if you already have a Facebook account and often upload your photos to your account from various devices, then you can sync your Facebook photo albums with your phone so that you can view them directly from the Gallery app and use all available options in this app, for instance set a Facebook photo as the wallpaper, contact photo, etc or share the photo to your contacts easily from the Gallery app.

How to sync Facebook photo albums with Gallery app?
FYI, these steps only allow you to view the Facebook photo albums and use the available options in the Gallery app, but it won't allow you to edit or delete the photos. Well, assuming that you already have the Facebook app in your phone, then here are the steps to sync:
  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Tap the Menu key and then select Settings.
  3. Tap located at the top right corner of the screen and then select Sync apps with Facebook.
  4. Enter your Facebook username and password and then tap Log in button.
  5. You'll be asked whether you want your phone to post to Facebook for you. Tap OK button if you want or tap Not now button if you don't. I personally prefer to choose Not now button.
  6. Mark the checkbox besides the Sync Gallery option to allow your phone synchronizes your Facebook photo albums with Gallery app.
  7. Tap Done button. Your Facebook account will be added in the Accounts section in the Gallery app settings and the phone will start syncing. The sync process may take a few minutes or so, depending on how many photos on your Facebook account.
  8. To avoid large data for syncing process, you can set your phone only sync your Facebook photo albums when you're connected with the Wi-Fi network by turning on the Sync only via Wi-Fi option.
  9. Once the sync process is completed, you'll see all your Facebook photo albums are displayed and labelled with the Facebook icon in the Gallery app.

Please note that your phone may become slower than before because it must load the Facebook photo albums, especially if you have a lot of photos on your Facebook account.


  1. Hi i have a samsung s4 phone withe android version 4.4.2. I am facing the problem that my facebook albums are not showing in my gallery. I did the above mentioned process, tried reinstalling the facebook nd even removing the account and adding it again. Still the albums dont show in my gallery. Wen i go to the gallery content settings ,content in facebook option is greyed out and i cant select it anyhow......plz help me to get this sorted....

    1. Hi Preeti Luthra,
      Thanks for coming.
      Try using the following steps to fix your issue:
      1. First, make sure the general sync is enabled by swiping down the top of the screen using two fingers to open up the quick settings panel and then tap "Sync" button. The button turns green when it's enabled.
      2. Now, open Gallery app.
      3. Tap the Menu key and then select "Settings".
      4. Under Accounts section, tap your Facebook account.
      5. Tick the box next to "Sync Gallery" to allow your phone sync your Facebook photo albums with your Gallery app. If it's already checked, tap "Sync now" button.
      5. Press the Back key twice to go back to the Gallery.
      6. Now, you should see your Facebook albums are displayed in your Gallery. FYI, it may take some time depending on how many photo you have in your Facebook account.

    2. i HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I hope this is the right place to ask! I have a Samsung Galaxy duos, model number GT-S7582. The problem I have is that I can't seem to sync my Facebook albums in the gallery (it works for Picasa, but not for Facebook). As far as I know the settings are right for syncing, only problem I can find is that in the gallery, if I choose 'content to display', it's not possible to select 'Content in Facebook'. The option is there, but I can not select it. Please help! It's really bugging me. I hope you have a solution for me!

  2. I am having a similar problem as Preeti. Until sometime in late SEP, all of my Facebook photos were snyc'd and appeared on my Samsung S4. After late SEP, only 80% of photos are sync'd. Some complete albums are missing, while in some albums specific pictures are missing. By missing, I mean the albums are appearing, and the correct number of picture "place holders" are displayed, but when I click on a grayed pic place holder, I receive a message "Unable to Load Photo". Same with missing or grayed place holders in albums with other pics showing.

    I did not change any privacy settings on missing pictures and do not remember any Facebook update around that time. I have done all you have suggested, even before finding this thread and twice since reading. I have uninstalled Facebook, reinstalled and same problem exists.

    I have sync'd manually at least a dozen times, rebooting phone, closing apps--everything I can think of, I have done.

    Any help is appreciated.


    PS if there was a way to upload screenshots that might help. Hopefully, my description is sufficient.

  3. I'd like to add, in the Gallery settings section, there is no option to check off FB. It only provides a screen asking if I want to add a google account...which I already have...

    1. Hi Stephen T. Zerio,
      Thanks for coming and I'm sorry for so late reply.
      If you don't mind, can you please send me a screenshot where you can't check off FB as well a screenshot of your Gallery app settings? It'll help me to find the right answer for your question with more easily.
      You can send it

  4. I too am not able to see my Facebook pictures in phone gallery. I have tried the above, even removing and reinstalling all Facebook apps

    The option to select Facebook on the "content to display ' menu is greyed out and I cannot chose it.

    1. Hi CmucG,
      Thanks for coming.
      If you don't mind, can you please send me a screenshot of your Gallery app settings? You can send it
      I need to take a look at your Gallery app settings to be able to find the right answer for you.

  5. Thanks for offeeing to help. How do I takeba screenshot of the page where I cant select FB to connect, and the app settings? Many thanks...

    1. Hi Stephen T. Zerio,
      While you're in a screen where you can't select FB, press the Power key and the Home key at the same time until you hear the shutter sound(it means that the screenshot of the currently opened page has been taken). Then, do the same thing when you're in the Gallery app settings. Once done, you can see the screenshots you have taken in the Screenshots album in Gallery app. Next, you just need to send those screenshots to my email:
      If you don't mind, you can check my post about how to take screenshot with Galaxy S4 to see the detail steps to do so here:

  6. Hello,

    Everytime I want to connect facebook with my gallery, it asks me to login. When I do this, there shows up a sign with "app not installed, the owners of this app don't have this app correctly installed for facebook-login". Anyone knows what to do?


    1. Hi Michiel Verboomen,
      Thanks for coming and I'm so sorry for so late answer.
      FYI, I actually have tried duplicating your issue but found no problem when syncing my FB photos to Gallery app. As Chris said in his comment below yours, the culprit of this issue may be caused by a FB-related app (SNS) that has been accidentally disabled. So, try to take a look at your app manager in the DiSABLED section whether there's a FB-related that has been disabled. If any, tap the app and then tap "Enable" button to re-enable this app. Once done, restart your phone and then try to resync your FB photos to Gallery app.

  7. For those that can't find the facebook sync options in gallery, or they are disabled, make sure you have the SNS app enabled. This is the "Social Network Service" that the S4 uses to manage this activity.

    In Application Manager, look for "SNS" under the "All" section. It should be enabled for things to work. Enabling it got things working for a friend who had the same problem.

    1. Hi Chris Double,
      Thanks for coming and share your thought here.
      Well, you may be right that the culprit of FB sync issue is a FB-related (SNS) app that has been disabled. FYI, I've looked at my application manager but I didn't have SNS app in ALL section nor in DISABLED section. I myself have no problem when trying to resync my FB photos to Gallery app.
      But, if a disabled app is the culprit of this issue then it can be fixed by re-enabling that FB-related app or by performing reset app preferences.

  8. Samsung S4 (GT-I9505 / Android 4.4.2)
    Hi. My FB photos were previous sync with my Gallery, and now, for some reason they're all gone. I tried adding an account thru Gallery:
    Setting>>Add account>>
    -Sync apps with Facebook>> I'm being asked to log-in to facebook. then prompts me that I have authorize GALAXY S4.>>OK and yet I'm being prompted with "Log-in failed".
    How can I fix this, please. Thank you!

    1. Hi Absolut 3xä©,
      Thanks for coming and I'm so sorry for so late answer.
      Kindly do the following actions to try to fix your issue:
      1. Restart your phone.
      2. If #1 didn't help, see whether there's an FB-related app that has been disabled in the app manager. If any, re-enable that app and then try to resync your FB photos.
      3. If #2 didn't help, try performing reset app preferences in the app manager and then restart your phone. Once done, try resync your FB photos.

    2. I have the same issue as Absolut 3xä©. I tried all of your suggestions. No go.

  9. Hi there,
    I have Samsung Note 2 and since December I have noticed that my Facebook albums in my gallery are not syncing. I tried everything mentioned in the above thread and still it is not syncing. I deleted my Facebook account from the gallery and tried to re-adding it but it keeps saying login failed. So how do I check that I need to re-enable any FB related app? There is nothing in my disabled app list. Also when I want to add any pictures on my Facebook page only a handful of my pictures are visible and the others are all blank. Please help. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Ed Verd,
      Thanks for coming.
      I don't know whether it helps or not, but you can try performing reset app preferences. It'll re-enable all disabled apps. If you don't know how to do so, kindly use the following steps:
      1. Go to Settings.
      2. Tap "More" tab.
      3. Tap "Application manager".
      4. Tap the Menu key and then select "Reset app preferences".
      5. Tap "Reset apps" button.
      6. Once done, restart your phone and then try to resync your FB photos to Gallery app.

      However, you can also try to uninstall and reinstall your Facebook app if performing reset app preferences didn't fix your issue.

  10. I am having the same problem with sycing my facebook albums to my phone. It used to work but suddenly stopped. I have a Samsumg Galaxy $ Active. Steps I followed: Settings, Accounts: Add account: Sync apps in facebook: I sign in then I'm notified that I have already authorized Samsung galaxy, then "login failed, please try again". I have tried to resolve the issue using EVERY single step recommended in this thread. Still nothing.

    1. Hi Susie Grey,
      Thanks for coming.
      I'm sorry if I can't help you much.
      If reinstall the FB app and reset app preferences can't resolve this problem then I have no idea about it.
      However, since some users with different devices have reported that they had problem with FB login, the culprit of this problem may be on the app side. Thus, you can try to submit your issue via email to the FB developer to see whether they can provide some help for you.

  11. Hello

    Im facing a problem that my facebook account will not sync. Because when im trying to sync it on my galaxy s4 the popup message will say log-in failed, try later. What is the probably cause of this matter?help ne please. thankyou in advance.

  12. I have the same proble with my s5 the option of facebook is there but it will not let me choose it....boooo

  13. My issue is I didn't realize my photos were being synced from my phone to facebook...I did turn off the syncing feature in fb..however..they don't show up in my gallery...but what I want to do is get those photos OFF Facebook and put them back in my gallery...when I tap on a synced photo in fb...nothing happens..I can't do anything with those photos on do I fix this

    1. Hi featherdancer1963,
      Thanks for coming.
      To get rid synced photos from your FB: while you're in the "Synced" tab, tap the settings button at the top of the screen and then enable "Don't sync my photos" option. Once done log out then re-login to your FB account.

  14. Hi all,
    I've recently bought a Samsung J5 with Android 5.1.1 and there's no SNS service to enable or option to sync contacts, calendar and gallery as I had in my S3 (4.3).
    Does anyone has the same issue? Or it's me doing it wrong?


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