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Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Take Screenshot in 2 Easy Ways

Hi all of the insiders, first of all I want to tell you that I finally get my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIV and I'll share everything about this phone with all of you. As we all know that this phone is the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy SIII that was released earlier this year and brings lot of advanced features to pampers the user. I agree to say that this phone is one of the most-awaited smartphone this years. Even you can find lot of articles out there contains the wish list of what should be available on this phone before this phone is released, including the one that you can find in this blog :)

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The first thing that I'll share with you about this phone is how to use this phone to capture what's displayed on the screen or we used to named it as screenshot. Best use this option when you want to share what's on your screen with others through the picture. I first use this option to screenshot …

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable Lock Screen Light Effect on Android 4.3

Seems I've been missing some features in the previous Android version, Android 4.2 and just discovered them in the Android 4.3. Well, though some of them may be have no real function, but they do the thing that will beautify your precious Samsung Galaxy SIII and makes this device a little bit more fun to play with from time to time. I've already mentioned one of them in the previous post, the hidden BeanFlinger daydream which will act like the PC-screensaver on your phone. You're free to display it right now or while the phone is docked or charging.

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Another similar feature that was overlooked by me is an alternative swipe effect, the light effect in the lock screen which already there since the Android 4.2. This feature of course will give you one more option if you have bored with no-effect or even with the standard ripple effect available in the previous version. But, you shoul…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Reveal and Use the Hidden BeanFlinger Daydream in Android 4.3

As with all the previous Android version, the Android 4.3 also has the Easter egg animation which will display the Big Bean and bean flinger in the screen. For me, this is an extra feature that is so fun to play with. Once you flicked your Bean, then this will also unlock the hidden BeanFlinger option under the daydream menu.

How to unlock and use the hidden BeanFlinger daydream in Android 4.3?
Below are the steps to do so:
Go to Settings.Tap More tab.Tap About device.Find Android version, and then tap it rapidly until you see the picture of the Android 4.3 Jelly bean and the big bean on the screen.
See also: How to See Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Easter Egg Animation on Samsung Galaxy S3Now, go back to Settings.Tap My device tab.Tap Display.Scroll down to find Daydream, and then slide the switch next to the Daydream option to the right to enable this option.Here you should see the BeanFlinger daydream as one of the option available.Tap Start now button to display the BeanFlinger daydream r…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Move App to SD Card on Android 4.3

In the recent update Android 4.3, the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets some new features to improve the user experience of using this phone. One of the new feature brought by this new operating system is the ability to change the Volume key function in the Camera app. Now, the user will be able to assign this key as the camera key or the record key which will allow the user to take the picture or record the video using the physical button, the Volume up key or the Volume down key.

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Another long-awaited new feature that now available in Android 4.3 is the ability to move apps to the SD card. This feature of course will help the user to keep the internal storage not quickly run out, especially for those of you who have lot of installed apps and only have low internal storage. As we all know that low internal storage will make the device not works properly and encountering some problems.

How to mo…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Change the Volume Key Function in Camera App in Android 4.3

In Android 4.3, Camera app is one of the app that has new features. One of which is the new camera mode called Sound and Shot which will allow you record the background sound up to 5 or 9 seconds before capturing the picture.

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In this recent update, the users also has the ability to set the Volume key function in the Camera app. As we all know that the Volume key used to control zoom in the Camera app. Now, in the Android 4.3, you're not only be able to set the Volume key as the zoom key but also as the camera key or the record key.

How to change the Volume key function?
Below are the steps to do so:
Open Camera app.Tap the Cogwheel icon to enter the settings menu.Tap Volume key option, then tap it.Here you'll see three options available, they are:The zoom key: choose this option to set the Volume key to control zoom.
The camera key: choose this option to allow you use the Volume up k…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Make a Music File Can't be Played by the Music Player App

An insider named Laurie has leave her comment here and asked me about the step to keep certain song from not playing without having to delete them. She said that she has a Christmas song and don't want it to be played back when she listen to the music through the Music Player app because the Christmas is over. Fortunately, in Android-based smartphone including with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the user can be easily to do so by adding certain extension in the end of the music file name in order to disable media scanning so the Music Player app can't read it.

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How to make Music Player app doesn't read certain music file?
Generally, you can do so by using another third-party File Manager apps. But, we'll use the ES File Explorer app in this step. Well, here are the steps:
Open ES File Explorer app.Navigate to the folder where the music file you wants to rename is saved.Long tap the required music file to select it.Tap R…

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Share Internet Connection Using Bluetooth

An insider has leave his comment here to ask why he can't share the internet connection using Bluetooth, though he was able to transfer file with the paired device. For those of you who didn't already know, aside for transfer files you can also use this to share the internet connection with another Bluetooth-enabled devices. This methods commonly referred as Bluetooth tethering. To make the steps more easier, you can also first change your Bluetooth name in order to make another devices more easier to recognize you.

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How to Bluetooth tethering between Samsung Galaxy S3 with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0?
For the record, due to the insider who has drop his comment here is still use Android 4.1 Jelly Bean then I can't guarantee that this steps will work on Android 4.3 because some carriers has been decided to remove this option. And also, generally you can use this steps with another Bluetooth-capable devices, but as the e…