Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Take Self-Portrait Photos with Selfie Mode in Camera App in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Selfie is a camera mode available in the Camera app in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that you can use to take a selfie-shot photo with the front camera. When taking a photo with this mode, you can apply some beauty effects to your photo, such as make your eyes appear bigger or your skin tone appears clearer, so you can get a better selfie-shot photo to show others about your confidence and personality.

How to take a self-portrait photo with the selfie mode in the Camera app?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. Open the Camera app. By default, it uses the rear camera.
  2. Tap to switch the camera from the rear to the front.
  3. By default, the front camera uses the selfie mode. If it doesn't uses this mode, tap Mode and then select Selfie to enable this mode.
  4. Face the front camera lens. Make sure your face is not too close with the camera and gets enough lighting so that it can easily be detected.
  5. If needed, you can apply some beauty effects before taking a selfie to have a better result by using these steps:
    • Tap to view available beauty effects.
    • Tap Skin tone and then drag the adjustment bar to the desired level. The higher level of the skin tone setting will make your skin appears brighter and clearer.
    • Tap Spotlight and then drag the adjustment bar of the spotlight position to the desired level. By default, it sets the spotlight position in the center of your face. Here, you can also adjust the brightness by dragging the adjustment bar of the brightness to the desired level.
    • Tap Slim face and the drag the adjustment bar to the desired level. The higher level of the slim face setting will make your face appears slimmer.
    • Tap Large eyes and the drag the adjustment bar to the desired level. The higher level of the large eyes setting will make your eyes appear bigger.
    • If needed, you can tap Shape correction to set this feature to on to correct your face shape when it appears distorted because your face is at the edge of the preview screen. But, you have to remember that enable this feature can make the background appears slightly distorted.
  6. Tap to take a photo of yourself.
    FYI, if you have difficulty in making a good selfie-shot photo by tapping the on-screen camera icon because it makes more shakes and blurriness in your photo, you can use other alternative ways to take a selfie-shot photo becomes easier and more convenient, e.g., by saying predefined voice command, by showing your palm on the preview screen, etc.
  7. Tap the preview thumbnail to view the photo in the Gallery app.

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