Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Use Color Adjustment Feature in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

If you are a colorblind user or have problems to see/distinguish colors that have similarity which make you have difficulty when reading what's on your phone's screen, you can use the color adjustment feature in your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to change the screen colors to more recognisable colors. You have to complete the initial process first to help your phone determines which colors you have difficulty with and need to be adjusted.

How to use the color adjustment feature?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. On any screen, swipe down the top of the screen to open up the notification panel and then tap to go to the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down the screen to find Accessibility and then tap it.
  3. Tap Vision.
  4. Scroll the screen to the very bottom and then tap Color adjustment.
  5. To enable the color adjustment feature, slide the ON/OFF switch to the right.
  6. You'll be given with some information about the proper way to do the initial color adjustment process, e.g., you have to use the default display settings, you have to do the initial process in an environment with normal indoor lighting, etc. Tap Start button to begin the process.
  7. Arrange the provided colors in order of similarity, starting from the fixed color on the bottom panel and then select the color that is most similar to the previous one. Do this until all provided colors are placed on the bottom panel. If you place a color in the wrong position, drag and drop the color to rearrange it.
  8. Once you're finished arranging the colors, tap Done button.
  9. If you can arrange and distinguish the colors well, your phone will tell you that the color adjustment is not necessary to do.
  10. If you cannot arrange and distinguish the colors, your phone will adjust the colors on the screen. When needed, you can also fine-tune the colors by tapping Camera to take a picture or Image to use the provided image. As the example, we'll select Image.
  11. If needed, slide the color adjustment bar to the right or left until you find the best settings and then tap Done button.
  12. The colors on your phone's screen have been adjusted.
  13. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can do the initial process again by tapping Reset at the top right and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  14. Next time, you can quickly enable or disable the color adjustment feature from any screen by pressing the Home key three times quickly and then tap Color adjustment. It can be done if you have enabled the direct access feature and selected the Color adjustment option.

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