Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Take Animated Photo in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Animated photo is a feature available in the stock Camera app in the Samsung Galaxy SIV that will let you to create animated GIFs containing with moving and static objects directly from your phone without having to use any third-party app. This feature works by recording up to 5 seconds of video at a resolution 800x450. Once the subject has been taken, you can loop the animation, change the direction, trim the animation to get the best part as well as select the specific area you want to animate or freeze.

How to take an animated photo?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. Open Camera app.
  2. Tap and then select Animated photo.
  3. Aim the camera to the subject.
  4. If necessary, you can change the focus manually by tapping anywhere on the screen where the camera should be focused. When the focus point turns green means the focus has been locked.
  5. Tap to start capturing the scene. It'd better if you hold the phone as steady as possible until the camera has finished capturing the scene. You can record up to 5 seconds of footage. If needed, you can stop capturing the scene anytime you want by tapping .
  6. Once the scene is captured completely, you'll be brought to the review screen.
  7. You can select which moving object to animate by tapping Animate and then rub the specific area of the photo to turn on animation. The selected area will be highlighted pink.
  8. You can also select which moving object to freeze by tapping Freeze and then rub the specific area of the photo to turn off animation. The moving object in this area will be changed to be a static object.
  9. If necessary, you can cut the length of the animation by tapping Trim and then drag and to the required scene and then tap to save the changes.
  10. If necessary, you can change the direction of your animation by tapping Direction and then select from the following options: Back and forth, Forwards and Backwards.
  11. If you're satisfied with the result, tap Save button to save the animated photo.

As a note, the animated photo result will be saved as .GIF file. Also, since the image contains with animations, then you may find that the image size is quite large (more than 4MB) depending on how much animations within the photo.

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