Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Use Heart Rate Monitor Feature in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Heart rate monitor is a feature available in the S Health app in Samsung Galaxy S5 that will let you easily know your rest heart rate without having to use any additional accessory. You just need to place your fingertip on the sensor and the device will count your rest heart rate automatically. The built-in heart rate sensor is located at the same place with camera flash LED below the rear camera, which in the same time it will keep the device slim because it doesn't need any additional place.

How to use the heart rate monitor feature?
To know your rest heart rate, kindly using the following steps:
  1. Open S Health app.
  2. Tap Heart Rate .
  3. In the Information window, tap OK button. Or, feel free to check the box in the left side of the "Do not show again" option so that this window won't appear anymore. 
  4. Place your index finger lightly and stand still on the sensor (it's located in the same place with the camera flash LED on the back side of the phone).
  5. The camera flash LED glows red when the device is trying to measure your heart rate. While in this step, hold your finger in place and try to keep still and quiet for about 10 seconds.
  6. When the measurement has been done, your rest heart rate will be displayed on the screen along with the date and time when the measurement was taken. As a note, the rest heart rate for adult normally lies between 60-100 bpm. The result in each person may differ depending on the age, activities, etc. If you found your rest heart rate below 60 bpm, generally it means more efficient function and better cardiovascular health.
  7. If you like to track your heart rate to get your pattern for instance, then you can see your heart rate histories by using the following steps:
  8. See the heart rate chart:
    • Tap located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Tap Hour tab to see the average of your recorded heart rate per hour.
    • Tap Day to see the average of your recorded heart rate per day.
    • Tap Month to see the average of your recorded heart rate per month.
    See the heart rate logs:
    • If you want more detail information about your heart rate histories, tap located at the top of the screen and you'll see your heart rate histories are displayed per daily with the exact time of each measurement.
    • If necessary, you can delete the log by tapping and then select Delete. Select the heart rate histories you want to delete and then tap Done button.

Given the function, this feature will be able to help you knowing or tracking your rest heart rate and cardiovascular health over time easily by using your phone.

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