Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Add a Note in a Photo in Android 4.4 Kitkat

Gallery app has several useful features that won't only allow the user to view their photos, but also will allow the user to do something more with their photos. One of which is the edit photo feature that will allow you to edit a photo directly from the Gallery app by utilizing some basic picture-editing functions available. From here, you can also add an effect or two from the various stylize effects available.

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This app also has another useful feature named photo note that will allow you to add a note or text to your photos. It's like turning over a printed photograph and then write a note/text on its back. By using this feature you can write any information related with the photo, such as event, place or date of the photo.

How to add a note/text in a photo?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Gallery app.
  2. Tap the required album.
  3. Tap the required photo you want to add a note.
  4. Once the photo is opened, tap the Menu key and then select Photo note.
  5. The photo will be turned over to let you write a text on its back.
  6. While you're in the photo note screen, you can use the following options:
    • Pen icon : use this option to adjust the pen settings (style, thickness and colour).
    • Eraser icon : use this option to erase your text.
    • Undo icon : use this option to erase the last change done to the picture and then revert it to an older action.
    • Redo icon : this option is only available after the undo icon is used. You can use this option to reverse the undo action.
    • Enlarge icon : use this option to enlarge the photo by double tapping the screen.
  7. When you have completed adding a note, tap the Check mark icon located at the top right corner or the screen to save the changes. FYI, a photo with a note will have a folded edge to differentiate it with other photos.
  8. Next time, you can view the photo note by tapping the folded edge on the top right corner of the photo.

Though Gallery app has an option that will automatically provide information for the photo, but by using the photo note feature to add a text in a photo will make it more classic and personal. So, have you ever used this feature? If yes, what text do you usually write?


  1. curious how to view photo note on other devices

    1. Hi Ron Ruys,
      Thanks for coming.
      To view a photo note, you just have to tap the photo note icon located at the top right corner of the photo. It'll flip the photo and display the note.
      But, from what I have tried, it seems the photo note can only be displayed in S4/S5 or in other newer Samsung devices since the photo note is not displayed when I tried to open it in an older Samsung device (Galaxy Tab 2) and non Samsung devices.

  2. I loved this feature on my Note 2. It is gone on my Note 4. Do you know of an app one can buy to bring back this functionality?


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