Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Change Font Style and Size

Change the wallpaper is one of the best way to personalize the phone. This will not only beautify the phone, but also will give it a personal touch which differentiate it with another. You can choose to use the stock wallpaper, live wallpaper and even your own picture as the wallpaper.

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Aside from changing the wallpaper, you can also change the font style and size used by the device. There are some options available to customize both of them which you can choose the best one suit your personal taste.

How to change font style and size?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap My device tab.
  3. Tap Display.
  4. Scroll down to the Font section. To change the font style go to the step #5, while to change the font size go to the step #6.
  5. Change the font style:
    • Tap Font style.
    • You'll see some default font styles in the pop up menu. They are: Default font, Choco cooky, Coll jazz, Rosemary, Samsung Sans.
    • Select the font style you like best to use.
    • Tap Yes button.
    • The selected font style will be applied to the device.
  6. Change the font size:
    • Tap Font size.
    • You'll see some font size options available in the pop up menu. They are: Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, Huge.
    • Select the font size you like best to use.
    • The selected font size will be applied to the device.

Once you've changed the font style and size, you'll see these changes applied in the menu items, icon names, messaging and other apps, email and web site URL (the content of the email and web site will remain use the default font). Well, which the font style and size you like best to use on your Samsung Galaxy SIV?


  1. Hi I am having problems with my galaxy s4 active.. I changed font in settings.. but the web pages you can barely read anything.. the font is horrible.. please help me how can I change the font in the web browser.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Har1,
      Thanks for coming.
      FYI, I've tested it in my Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 with Android 4.4 Kitkat but I believe it'll be the same with other Samsung Galaxy phones. To change the font in the stock Browser app (Internet app), use the following steps:
      1. Open the Internet app.
      2. Tap the Menu key and then select "Settings".
      3. Tap "Screen and text".
      4. Slide the bar under "Text scaling" to the right to increase the font size or to the left to decrease the font size.

    2. I already tried this before.. but it doesn't help nothing.. still the font is horrible you can barely read.. it's not like the default font.. it's worst than rosemary font or I don't know how to explain

    3. Hi Har1,
      Thanks for getting back here.
      If you don't mind, can you please send me a screenshot of your problem? You send it

    4. Same problem here. Did you ever get it fixed?

    5. Hi Susan Jones,
      Thanks for coming.
      Do you remember what have you done before encountering this issue, e.g: change the settings, install any third-party app, etc?
      Have you tried performing clear cache and clear data for Internet app?
      Did other browser apps in your phone also display the webpage with that weird font?

    6. I have the same problem as well and I've been searching for a solution but have been unable to find one. Did you ever find a way to fix the issue?

    7. I found it! !

      Open up your browser (website doesn't matter )
      Hit your menu on the bottom left corner of your phone
      Then hit: settings
      Then: advanced
      From there you will see the text scaling option you can adjust to a higher percentage and that is it!

      Hope it helps you and others =)

    8. Hi Brenda Bencomo,
      Thanks for coming.
      Text scaling option within the Internet app just lets us to change the font size, not the font style. FYI, I had received some screenshots from har1 via email. His issue was the font style, not the font size. Unfortunately, up till now, I still can't find the solution for his issue since there's no option to change the font style in the Internet app.
      However, I really appreciate you for willing to share your thought here. May God always bless you :)

  2. My contacts font are huge and i set my font style to Normal.
    How do i get my contacts back to narmal?

    1. Hi Swingfly,
      Thanks for coming.
      I know some apps have their own font size options, for instance Messaging app, Internet app, Email app, but Contacts app has no option to change the font size therefore font size in the Contacts app should be back to normal size once you set the font size option in the display settings to normal size.
      However, try to change the font size in the display settings to another size and then change back to normal and then see whether the font size in the Contacts app is changed.

  3. How come I don't see my comment?

    1. Hi Brenda Bencomo,
      Thanks for coming.
      FYI, since all comments will be moderated first before they are published in this blog, you may not see your comment until it's moderated. This action is taken because there are too many spam comments.

  4. Hi. Iam using Touchwiz easy home as my browser. The font size options are medium , large and huge. I have chosen the medium but the contacts font is too huge. How do I reduce the Contact font?

  5. How come I don't have font style option in my display setting?

    1. Hi Rivaille,
      Thanks for coming.
      May I know your phone's model number and Android version?

    2. me too, i dont have FONT STYLE option. only i can see is font size. my device is a galaxy tab2 7.0 and android lollipop 5.0.2
      i hope you can help me. thanks


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