Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Take a Panorama Photo in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Panorama is still be one of the default shooting modes in the Camera app in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But, it's now embedded with a neat feature called motion panorama which will let you not only take a series of photos in either a horizontal or vertical direction and then stitch the clearest frames together to create a still panoramic photo, but also shoot videos in panorama format at the same times so you can see a moving snapshot of all images you took. You can use this shooting mode when you need to take a photo of a wide scene or big/tall/high/long object without you have to change the distance between you and the object.

How to take a panorama photo?
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. Open the Camera app. By default, it uses the rear camera with the auto mode.
  2. Tap Mode to view all available shooting modes and then tap Panorama to enable this shooting mode.
  3. Tap and then select ON to enable the motion panorama feature so you can take videos alongside the panorama images.
  4. Point the camera to the object.
  5. Tap to start taking panorama photo and then move your phone slowly in one direction(left/right/top/down).
    To get the best result when taking a photo with this mode, make sure to keep the image within the provided frame as you move your phone because your phone needs to stitch a series of photos to create a panorama photo. If any, you can use additional tool, such as tripod to keep your phone's position as steady as possible.
  6. Keep moving your phone until the image reaches the end of the provided frame and the panorama photo will be saved automatically. Or, you can also manually stop the camera from taking the photo whenever you want by tapping .
  7. Tap the preview thumbnail to view the panorama photo in the Gallery app.
  8. Tap to see the full breadth of the images you took with panorama mode.
  9. While the video is being played, you can tap the screen to pause the playback. In this time, you can do the following actions:
    • Resume/pause the playback: tap to resume the playback or tap to pause the playback.
    • Pan the panorama photo: to pan a horizontal panorama photo, swipe the screen or tilt your phone to the left or right. To pan a vertical panorama photo, swipe the screen or tilt your phone upwards or downwards.
    • Save the panorama as video: tap Save video to save the video taken with panorama format as .mp4 file.

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