Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Use Notifications Panel in Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

The notifications panel in Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you access alerts, notifications and shortcuts with more quickly. The notifications panel is hidden at the top of the screen and you can easily access it while you're on any screen simply by swiping down the top of the screen(status bar) using your finger. When you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, you will notice that the notifications panel gets some visual changes that make it more interactive and useful for users.

How to use notifications panel?
See the following steps as the example of using notifications panel:
  1. Open the notifications panel:
    Swipe down the top of the screen (status bar) using your finger to open up the notifications panel.
  2. View the current date and time:
    The current date and time is displayed at the top left corner of the notifications panel.
  3. Access your device's settings menu:
    You can quickly go to your device's settings menu by tapping at the top right corner of the notifications panel.
  4. Access the quick settings panel:
    You can view and use all quick setting buttons by tapping at the top right corner of the notifications panel.
  5. Use quick setting buttons:
    By default, there are 10 quick setting buttons in the notifications panel: Wi-Fi, Location, Sound/Vibrate/Mute, Screen rotation, Bluetooth, Reading mode, Mobile data, Always interrupt/Priority only, Power saving and Multi window. Single tap the required quick setting button to enable or disable the option. Long tap the required quick setting button to view more detailed settings.
  6. Adjust the screen brightness:
    You can adjust the screen brightness manually by dragging the screen brightness adjustment bar in the notifications panel to the left or to the right, or you can enable auto brightness feature so that your phone will adjust the screen brightness automatically using its sensor.
  7. Launch S Finder:
    Tap the S Finder button in the notifications panel to launch S Finder app. You can use this app to find contents on your phone or search more in the search engine.
  8. Launch Quick connect:
    Tap the Quick connect button in the notifications panel to launch Quick connect app. You can use this app to search for nearby devices automatically to connect to them quickly and easily.
  9. Music playback control:
    The music playback control will be displayed in the notifications panel when you play music using the stock Music Player app. You can use it to easily control (e.g: play/pause/resume/rewind/forward) the music playback.
  10. Expand notifications:
    When you have a lot of notifications, you can swipe up the notifications section to expand notifications, or you can swipe down the notifications section to shrink back notifications.
  11. Open unread notifications:
    Tap the required notification to open it in the appropriate app.
  12. Clear notifications:
    You can easily remove a single notification from the notifications panel by swiping away the required notification, or you can easily clear all notifications by tapping Clear button at the bottom side of the notifications.
  13. Close notifications panel:
    You can close notifications panel by swiping up the bottom of the screen using your finger.

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  1. I am looking for how to expand a notification. So say if i do a screenshot it will go to the notification pull down, i can sometimes expand that notification to give me quick options such as delete/edit/share. But sometimes it won't let me do that such as when i have many more notifications so is there a technique to it or can't it be done when there is many notifications


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