Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Use Magnifier in Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with set of default widgets, one of which is the magnifier widget. This widget works by utilizing the rear camera to help you magnify text or objects. Before you can use the magnifier widget, you have to add it to your home screen first.

How to add the magnifier widget to the home screen
You can do so by using the following steps:
  1. While you're in home screen, long press the Recent apps key or long tap on a blank area of the home screen.
  2. Tap the Widgets button at the bottom of the screen. It'll quickly bring you to the widgets list.
  3. Find the Magnifier 1x1 widget .
  4. Tap and hold the widget and then drag it to the home screen.
  5. Release the widget to place it in home screen.
  6. The magnifier widget has been added to home screen.

How to use the magnifier widget?
See the following steps as the example of using the magnifier widget:
  1. Tap the magnifier widget icon in your home screen to open it.
  2. Aim the camera to the desired text or objects.
  3. Adjusting the magnification:
    • Tap at the bottom of the screen to increase the magnification.
    • Tap at the bottom of the screen to decrease the magnification.
  4. Adjusting the focus:
    • Tap at the top right to focus in the center of the screen.
    • To change the focus manually, tap where you want to focus.
  5. Using the flashlight:
    While you're viewing text or objects in dark or low light condition, you can tap at the top of the screen to turn on the flash.
  6. Taking a photo of text or objects:
    • Tap at the top left.
    • If needed, you can adjust the magnification by tapping or at the bottom of the screen before saving the image.
    • Tap at the top right to save the image.


  1. this magnifier is great. if i use the capture button and then the save button...where is the image saved???? i have tried and cant find a saved magnified image anywhere on my Samsung S7 phone

    1. Hi S7 USER,
      Thanks for coming.
      All images captured by the magnifier usually will be saved in the Device storage/DCIM/Magnifier

  2. I just accidentally uninstalled it... can it be reinstalled?

    1. Hi Bruce Wayne,
      Thanks for coming.
      From what I know, the magnifier widget cannot be uninstalled. You may have just accidentally removed it from your home screen. Thus, you can get this widget back by re-adding it from the widget list to your home screen.


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