Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Take HDR Photos in Android 4.4 Kitkat

In the Samsung Galaxy SIV, the stock Camera app comes with several camera modes, one of which is the HDR mode. HDR itself is stands for High Dynamic Range. This mode is designed to help the user solves the problem of underexposed or overexposed image. HDR mode works by taking more than one pictures and then merge them to have the final picture with good exposure, soft and rich colors. Given to its function, this mode is best used to take landscape pictures or building where the scene usually has a significant difference between foreground and background (e.g: taking picture of the building under the bright sky).

How to take a HDR picture?
Below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Camera app.
  2. By default, the camera uses auto as the camera mode. To change the camera mode, tap and then select Rich tone (HDR).
  3. If necessary, you can zoom in or out before taking a picture, either by using the Volume key or the pinch-to-zoom gesture.
  4. By default, the camera focuses in the middle of the screen. If you want to change the focus point, tap on the screen where the camera should be focused. The focus icon will turn green when the focus has been locked.
  5. Tap to take a picture. As a note, to get the best result, make sure to hold the phone as steady as possible while taking a picture because HDR mode needs to take more than one pictures.

FYI, I've tried using HDR mode to take a picture of building when the sky is very bright(see the picture above). The picture that was taken with HDR mode had a better exposure portion than the picture that was taken with Auto mode. So, how about you? Have you ever tried the HDR mode?

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