Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Change Archive and Delete Actions in Gmail App

Once you've activated a Google account, you'll be allowed to access Google services available in your phone. One of which is Gmail app that will allow you to send or receive email messages. By using this app, you're also be able to reply or forward a Gmail message.

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If you noticed, when you're opening a Gmail message or selecting multiple Gmail messages, there's a set of quick icon displayed at the top action bar. By default they are Archive, Delete and Mark as Unread icon. But, if you don't like those default, you can change them by utilizing an option in Gmail settings called archive and delete actions.

How to change archive & delete actions in Gmail app?
FYI, I use Gmail version 4.7.2. Well, below are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Gmail app.
  2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings.
  3. Tap General settings.
  4. Tap Archive & delete actions.
  5. You'll see three options available, they are:
    • Show archive only: select this option if you wish to display Archive, Mark as Unread and Move to icon.
    • Show delete only: select this option if you wish to display Delete, Mark as Unread and Move to icon.
    • Show archive & delete: select this option if you wish to display Archive, Delete and Mark as unread icon.
  6. Select the desired archive & delete actions option you wish to use.
  7. Now,  the top action bar in an opened Gmail message or when you multi select Gmail messages will display a set of quick icon according to the archive and delete actions option you've just selected.

By knowing how to change quick icon displayed at the top action bar in a Gmail message, now you can set it according to your need. As the example, because I often delete Gmail messages then I choose to use an option which will display a delete icon in Gmail message. So, how about you? Which option do you like to use?


  1. Hi, I have the Samsung Galaxy s4 and I am using the Gmail app. When I tap on the icon the emails and tiles pop up. I would like to delete the emails without opening each individual email. So , I tried swiping to the right. After swiping to the right "archived" pops up. Is there a way to make the swiping action the delete action ? Instead of having to open each individual email and clicking the garbage can icon ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Donna Alamia,
      Thanks for coming.
      To set the delete action in Gmail, kindly do as follows:
      1. While you're in Gmail app, tap the Menu key and then select "Settings".
      2. Tap "General settings".
      3. Tap "Archive & delete actions" and then select "Show delete only".
      4. Mark the checkbox next to "Swipe to delete" to make you able to delete the email message by swiping it to the right in the conversation list without opening the email messages.

      Or, you can visit our post about it and see the complete steps here:


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