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Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Set Time Limit on Blocking Mode

Once you've enabled blocking mode on your Galaxy SIII with Android Jelly Bean inside it, then you can configuring some options available under this feature. One of which is you can choose which option under features section you want to block.

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One more thing you can do in here is set a block mode schedule. By scheduling, you can determine to activate blocking mode every time or in certain period of time. This of course will useful if you have a routine activity which is need to be not disturbed except with important calls and messages.

How to set schedule on blocking mode?
Here are the steps you need to do to adjust this option:
Go to Apps through Home screen.Scroll to Settings, then tap on it.Ensure you have enabling Blocking mode option. When the slider next to this option shows green or in the right side means this option is enabled.Tap Blocking mode.Here you will see two option under…